Please enjoy this capybara parade

Seeing a capybara in Brazil isn't all that rare. At last count, the capybara population was approximately 1.2 million. A woman in Brasilia went to her window to see what her dog was barking at. What she saw was unusual: a single-file parade of capybaras. They were strolling down the street in the chill way that everyone's favorite semi-aquatic rodent does everything. The herd of, by my count, fifteen capies, stops in front of the woman's building to allow her to admire them. At least I assume that is why they stopped. She seems to be enjoying them, but her dog decidedly is not. 

There is also a version with the Capybara Song if you prefer. Just be prepared to have the song, which consists only of the word "capybara," in your head for the foreseeable future. Pro tip: you can erase any earworm by singing Copacabana.

And this one a very relaxing sunset swim:

I aspire to attain even a tiny fraction of the amount of chill that capybaras have.

via People

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