Say goodbye to your groomer when you have this $70 pet grooming kit!

TL;DR: Does your cat or dog hate the groomers? Give your furry friend an at-home grooming with this 6-in-1 pet grooming kit, which is now on sale for $69.99 (reg. $139)!

We're sure you love your furry friend, but truthfully, they can get pretty dirty (there's so much grass to roll in and dust balls to swat!). If they love getting a little messy during playtime but hate hitting the groomers for a clean-up, there's a way to give your pet an easy and cost-effective spa day. 

How? With pro-level grooming kit, which comes interchangeable clipper heads, different suction cups, and so much more. Your cat or dog might just love grooming day, especially since you can give them that TLC with this kit for only $69.99 (reg. $139)!

There's a lot to love about this at-home grooming bundle. For starters, the built-in grooming vacuum and removable 2.1-liter dust cup are a great way to catch all of those flyaways you'd rather not see on your velvet couch or tufted rug. Long and short hairs don't stand a chance from the vacuum's powerful suction while you're trimming or combing your pet's hair.

Speaking of hair length, the interchangeable clipper heads ranging from 3-12mm make it easy to help your favorite fuzzball stay clean-shaven and ready to roll (this includes both dogs and cats!). Meanwhile, the three suction modes let you customize your pet's grooming needs to ensure they look fresh (and aren't scared of the vacuum).

Because not all pet is created the same, the super quiet noise reduction technology can help keep Miss Fluffy and Spot chilled out while they're getting groomed. And to make your at-home grooming more effortless, you'll love this kit's over 70-inch hose that makes it comfortable to reach all your pet's hairs.

Just a head's up: this product is new, open-box. That means its packaging might have a little wear and tear, but the grooming kit itself is still in new condition (that's been verified, too!).

Make grooming day easy as pie when you grab this 6-in-1 cat and dog grooming kit for just $69.99 — that's half off!

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