The magic of a MAGA hat is exposed

In this video, a MAGA explains how those red hats convey the answers to the universe's greatest mysteries. I thought magic was supposed to be kept secret.

I would be lying if I told you I knew what these people found so exciting, awe-inspiring, or even believable about what this cultist says. I suspect the numbers, discussion of punctuation, and strangely employed arithmetic to be "gematria," or the Trumpian art of adding things up to get your desired answer. Still, I am baffled by the conclusion they seem to accept.

"But one thing he has is one of these these hats that you see the red, Make America Great," Trump cult member said. "I can't keep it in because I keep showing what I found out about this hat."

"45 dash 47," she continued adding hat numbers. "In the English language, a hyphen means continuous, number one."

She's wrong.

(The Dash. An em dash—inserted by typing Control+Alt+Minus between the words it separates—signals an abrupt break in thought. It can be seen as "surprising" the reader with information. A dash is used to separate parts of a sentence and indicate a break. It indicates a longer pause than a comma and a semicolon. It is also called a long dash or an em dash)

A dash doesn't tell the reader to add two numbers together as she explains down below.

Now comes the math lesson that turns her theories into 9/11.

"And then if you go a little further and you add four and five, you get nine and if you add four and seven you get eleven," she explained and smiled like she uncovered Fox Mulder's aliens.

"He's always telling us and he's now talking about 9/11 a lot. He's going to expose the truth that I didn't want to find out, but I know now."

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