A secret society is lurking in Canada, and they are stealing garden gnomes

Last month, a Kelowna, British Columbia, resident was the victim of a gnome-napping. 

…Blair was sad to discover that his beloved, albeit weathered and worn, gnomes were missing from his front lawn. 

Having already had a few items – including a canoe – go missing from his property over the last few weeks, Blair assumed that thieves had snatched his gnomes and accepted the fact that the tiny men were likely never to be seen again.

"They were just gone," said Blair.

Kelowna Capital News

Then, on July 3rd, a woman showed up at his door and handed him an envelope addressed only to "The Homeowner."  Inside was a paper gnome with "Gnome Preservation Society" written on the back. The mysterious woman led him to her car, where he found all his gnomes cleaned up and meticulously painted.

The woman did not explain this extremely random act of kindness, only offering that the society wished to remain anonymous. No further information about the renegade gnome restorers is gnown at this time. 

Via Good News Network.

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