"Eleanor Saitta"

Creating a "coercion resistant" communications system

Eleanor Saitta's (previously) 2016 essay "Coercion-Resistant Design" (which is new to me) is an excellent introduction to the technical countermeasures that systems designers can employ to defeat non-technical, legal attacks: for example, the threat of prison if you don't back-door your product. Read the rest

"Security is what happens to people, not machines"

Eleanor Saitta (previously) -- a security researcher who's done extensive work training vulnerable groups in information security and now security architect for Etsy -- appears on the most recent O'Reilly Security podcast (MP3), discussing a human-centered approach to security, design and usability that I found to be an accessible and concise critique of mainstream security thinking and an inspiring direction for security practitioners. Read the rest

24 privacy tools -- not messaging apps -- that don't exist

There are a lot of secure messaging apps out there, and more every day. They're vital and the sector is vibrant, but if you want to help groups and individuals keep their work private from repressive states or any other authoritarian agency of reprisals (e.g. reactionary, violent parents of queer kids), there are a lot of neglected areas that aren't messaging-based that could use your work. Read the rest

New podcast on new forms of power in networked societies

Jamie King sez, "The Emergents Podcast, a new show from the creator of STEAL THIS FILM, considers the development of a new form of power inside our networked society. In this pilot episode (MP3), Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay), Troy Hunt (Have I Been Been Pwned) and network security consultant Ella Saitta consider the Ashley Madison hack, strange 'network collectives' like Impact Team and the 'volatile, unstable, complex and arbitrary' world they're bringing into being." Read the rest