MAD artist Al Jaffee dies at 102

The amazingly prolific artist and long-time contributor to MAD magazine Al Jaffee is dead at 102.

Al Jaffee, the ingenious Mad magazine illustrator who was as adept at creating wacky cartoon gags as he was at producing caustic social commentary, and whose drawings, he cheerfully suggested, helped corrupt the minds of generations of young Americans, died April 10 at a hospital in Manhattan.

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Happy 100th birthday to MAD Magazine's Al Jaffee!

Al Jaffee, one of the reigning members of Mad's "Usual Gang of Idiots" is celebrating his 100th birthday today.

"Hitting the century mark in age, it's a nice number" for the brain to consider, Jaffee said with a warm laugh Thursday from his New York home — even if some body parts don't "seem to appreciate it."

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MAD Magazine legend Al Jaffee retires at age 99

Best known for his "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" and the ever-ubiquitous MAD Fold-In, cartoonist Al Jaffee has retired today at the age of 99, making him the longest working cartoonist in history.

Jaffee began his career working for Marvel pre-cursors Timely and Atlas Comics in the early 1940s but settled into his lifelong position with the usual gang of idiots at Mad Magazine beginning in 1955. — Read the rest

Al Jaffee: live "Snappy Answers"

The great Al Jaffee went on stage recently at Joe's Pub in NYC for a live version of his classic "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions," which have appeared in MAD for decades. Al is 91-years-old but more lucid than many people one-quarter his age. — Read the rest

Make a birthday present for Al Jaffee!

David from MAD Magazine sez, "AL JAFFEE IS TURNING 90!
On March 13, long-time MAD writer/artist, creator of the Fold-In and Snappy Answers, and accused (but never convicted!) shoplifter Al Jaffee is going to be 90 freakin' years old! To celebrate, we're asking all fans (and enemies) to send in letters, cards, poems, drawings, paintings, sculptures, operettas, WHATEVER — so we can pass the love straight to Al! — Read the rest

Al Jaffee's Tall Tales: skinny comics with snappy humor

Al Jaffee's Tall Tales collects the best out of over 2,200 "Tall Tales" daily strips that Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee drew for the Herald Tribune syndicate from 1957 to 1963. Jaffee conceived of Tall Tales while in desperate economic straits, and hit upon a winning formula for breaking into the lucrative comics syndicate game: rather than drawing a traditional horizontal strip that would compete with the existing material, he opted for a seven-inch-tall vertical strip, which gave editors a lot more flexibility as to where in the paper the strip would run. — Read the rest

Ultra detailed Al Jaffee art for Humbug

Mike Baehr of Fantagraphics writes: "We recently received a large package of original art from Al Jaffee for our upcoming complete Humbug collection. ... Link Previously on Boing Boing: • Al Jaffee profile in NY Times