Bicycle defense kit fits in Altoids tin


Luke Iseman sells a Bicycle Defense Kit for $19.90.

The Bicycle Defense Kit (BDK) offers options for dealing with aggressive motorists. Contained within an altoids tin, the 8 tools vary in detectability, potential to cause damage, and legality.

Specifically, cyclists can:

• Issue "citizen citations" with official-ish tickets.

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USB 9-volt charger kit in an Altoids tin

Aaron Dunlap is selling these excellent USB 9-Volt charger kits in an Altoids tin for the ridiculously low price of $9.50. I can't think of a better stocking stuffer.

Update: Aaron Dunlap says: "I should point out that what I have for sale is kits to build your own charger in an Altoids tin or whatever you want. — Read the rest

MP3 music box in a cigar box


In the DIY world cigarboxes have replaced the OATH (Obligatory Altoids Tin Hack). Here, Matt Richardson shows how to make an MP3 music box from a cigar box.

I decided I wanted to do a modern-day maker's riff on the old mechanical music box.

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80-port USB charger board

Building a PC? Why not throw in one of these 80 port USB charger-boards, so you can charge everygoddamnedthing you own? No data throughput, and it wants its own power supply (duh!).


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Steve Lodefink guestblogging Dinosaurs and Robots


Steve Lodefink (left) is guestblogging at Dinosaurs and Robots, a new blog about extraordinary objects that Mister Jalopy and I started.

An inveterate tinkerer and "broad-spectrum hobbyist," Steve just can't say no to a cool project. At 3, he was already reverse-engineering the peanut butter and jelly sandwich: "I figured out where all of the parts were, found a good tool, and built one.

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Altoids contest for tin-modders

John Duffell sez, "Altoids tins are too cool for the trash bin; many of us like to re-use our tins for various uses, and the fine folks behind the Altoid will be rewarding the most innovative ideas with cash prizes. Entries should consist of a brief description (no more than 100 words) accompanied by a digital photo." — Read the rest