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A sculptural, hand-made lamp inspired by black holes

Sculptor Art Donovan (previously) writes in about "Event Horizon," his newest lamp, inspired by black holes. Read the rest

Astronomea: a gorgeous, handmade, astronomy inspired desk lamp

Art Donovan (previously) writes, "Delivered. A very special design commission for the Project Director of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. A 'white glove' delivery, in fact. The first lamp in 28 years that I simply could not trust to survive the ravages of FedEx." Read the rest

Science-inspired lamps: Large Hadron Collider and James Webb Space Telescope

Designer Art Donovan writes, "I'm always looking for new and unique inspiration for my lighting commissions and the latest, cutting edge scientific devices offer a boatload of great design inspiration. From the cool, new 'James Webb Space Telescope' to the myriad of complex details in the L.H.P.C. at Cern- it's a cornucopia of rich imagery." Read the rest

The Raven's Chamber: a mad scientist's apparatus

Art Donovan (previously) created this amazing, mixed-media sculpture as a commission, called The Raven's Chamber, resembling some arcane astronomical instrument from a mad alchemist's lab. Read the rest

Beautiful, astronomical kinetic steampunk clock

Art Donovan sez, "After four months of deep 'design and build', I finally completed this commission for my client. But, alas, it won't be installed in time, as it is now going to be featured in the National Watch and Clock Museum's exhibit, 'A Matter of Time' for three months. I'm confident the client won't mind, as they will be now getting a museum piece" Read the rest

Brassy, tassled electric candle fixture

Art Donovan writes, "I've created a current collection of illuminated designs that take cues from just about every global, antique influence I can find. My latest work, 'The Most Excellent Rumi Redux' stretches my sources just about as far as I've gone yet."

We've featured a lot of Art's excellent work before.

Mr. Donovan’s newest design, “Rumi Redux”, uses influences from the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. The imagery (and Arabic calligraphy) is inspired by the famous 12th century Persian scientist, al Jazari. The crown art is entirely hand painted in gouache and gold leaf with translucent dyes used for the back-lit elements.

The back-lit, glowing “Eye” is inspired by an early 19th century painting from an English masonic lodge. The comet is reproduced accurately from the 16th century German, “Wunderzeichenbuch” (The Book of Miracles). The Persian elephant is reproduced from an early illuminated text and the crescent moon is 2" thick, frosted convex lens- which is then back-lit and rear painted in deep red to evoke earth shine. The solid mahogany base is painted in pale matte gray with hand made brass and silk tassels.

"The Most Excellent Rumi Redux" (Thanks, Art!) Read the rest

Brass Stirling Engine kinetic sculpture

Art Donovan sez, "Created entirely of raw brass, the Dutch artist Jos DeVink creates masterpieces of kinetic sculptures in his Stirling Engines. Turn on the sound, too!"

I disagree about the sound, to be frank, but I couldn't agree more about the sculpture. Holy awesome.

(Thanks, Art, via Submitterator!)

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Steampunk lighting

Designer Art Donovan has a lovely line of handmade steampunk lighting that he sells direct (inquire within, as they say). No idea how they're priced, but they sure are purdy.

Donovan Design

(Thanks, Art, via Submitterator!)

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Steampunk science museum show at Oxford UK

Art Donovan from the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science sez, "I have been given the great honor of curating the world's very first Museum Exhibition of Steampunk Art. Seventeen artists from seven countries- The Steampunk creators that you know best.

Opening October 13, 2009 and running continually through February 21, 2010. The Museum Director, Dr, Jim Bennett has scheduled events, art competitions and lectures through the exhibition."

Steampunk Art @ Oxford (Thanks, Art!)

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Steampunk sculpture

Art Donovan, one of my favorite steampunk makers, has a beautiful, gigantic new artwork, "The Illuminated Astrolabe." Be sure to click through to see the various cunning works:

My most most complex Steampunk work to date with influences of Hinduism, Freemasonry and ancient astronomy. 72" tall x 72" wide. Solid Mahogany, Solid Brass, Glass, Spun-Filament Fiberglass, Plaster, LED + Incandescent Bulbs, Acrylic Resin, Ultra Violet Tubes + Electric Motors.

New Steampunk Design by Art Donovan: The Illuminated Astrolabe

(Thanks, Art!)

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Steampunk PC from Datamancer: The Archbishop

Steampunk maker Datamancer has just unveiled his latest, a PC called "The Archbishop" that knocked my socks off. I have one of Datamancer's steampunk keyboards at my office and it's just fantastic -- a clicky-clacky pleasure to write on.

This case was rushed and completed just in time to be seen at the huge upcoming Steampunk art show at the Hamptons Antique Galleries at 2546 Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton, NY from August 16 through August 24. It will be for sale at the show but if it doesn't find a new owner there, it will be posted on ebay probably near the beginning of September. Also featured there will be many of my talented steampunk colleagues including Art Donovan, Jake von Slatt, Bethany Peters, Sam van Olffen, Steve Erenberg, Tatjana van Vark, Jos De Vink, I-Wei Huang ("Crab-fu"), Hunter Herrick, Eric Freitas, and Suzanne R. Forbes (who made the lovely portrait of Jake von Slatt and I at the Bay Area Maker Faire as well as a painting to benefit the EFF that featured my Steampunk Laptop and Jake's monitor in the background)

"The Archbishop" Computer Read the rest

Steampunk lamps

Steampunk maker Art Donovan has just finished a whole whack of fantastic steampunk lamp designs. These are illuminating in the extreme.


(Thanks, Art!) Read the rest