Robocopyright: Dan Bull's rap anthem for the defeat of #Article13

Just in time for a continent-wide day of street demonstrations against Article 13 and the new Copyright Directive, British rapper Dan Bull (previously) has released a furious, amazing new song about the regulation: Robocopyright. More than a 100 MEPs have pledged to vote against the measure on Monday, and it's not too late for you to contact your MEP and tell them that you expect them to vote to defeat it.

Dan Bull's #occupywallstreet rap

Copyfighting British nerdcode rapper Dan Bull sez, "I've now made a rap video for #occupywallstreet. The video mixes Radiohead's Street Spirit with dubstep and my own lyrics."

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How Youtube's automated copyright system lets big music screw indie creators

Nerdcore rapper Dan Bull earns a good living from his Youtube videos, but he is constantly being dragged away from the studio to fight fraudulent copyright claims from major labels, who are able to censor his work with impunity. The video for his 2010 song I'm Not Pissed has been removed ten times by automated, fraudulent claims from the likes of BMG Rights Management and PRS, who face no consequences for lying about their involvement with his work. — Read the rest

Crowdsourced anti-SOPA rap

Copyfighting nerd rapper Dan Bull made an anti-SOPA video. He says:

Regarding the video:
I first suggested the idea of collaborating on a SOPA track on Twitter a couple of days ago, asking for help with themes and lyrics. After I finished writing the song, I put a post on my Facebook wall asking people to take photographs of themselves presenting lines from the song.

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Wall Street Spirit

Musician Dan Bull (YouTube) created this rap mix of Radiohead's Street Spirit to honor the protests in New York and elsewhere. "I made the song because I believe the monetary system needs to be reviewed, and the peaceful nature of the protests inspired me to get involved," he writes. — Read the rest

Anti-ACTA rap

Copyfighting rapper Dan Bull (he of Dear Lily Allen fame) has just released a new track, "Death of ACTA," about the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a privately negotiated super-copyright treaty. He says, "I wrote it after reading about the terrifying implications of ACTA. — Read the rest

Musician's open letter, sung to Lily Allen

Sam sez, "An open letter to Lily Allen, explaining the facts around filesharing, sung to the beat of one of her tunes."

I love this — it's a great mix of compassion, artist's manifesto, and humor. I don't know much about this Dan Bull character, but I like the cut of his jib. — Read the rest