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38% of Americans won't buy Corona beer "under any circumstances"

"Just to be abundantly clear," CNN reassures us, "There is no link between the virus and the beer."

5W Public Relations said that 38% of Americans wouldn't buy Corona "under any circumstances" because of the outbreak, and another 14% said they wouldn't order a Corona in public. The survey encompasses polling from 737 beer drinkers in the United States. In another survey conducted by YouGov, the firm found consumers' intent to purchase Corona fell to its lowest level in two years. The survey also showed that Corona's buzz score, a metric that that measures favorability, has dropped significantly since the beginning of the year.

UPDATE: CNN was bamboozed by a vaguely-worded press release. [h/t Hank Green] The press release was crafted to portray anyone who would never drink Corona as being scared of the virus.

As of today, 83,577 people are diagnosed as having it, with nearly 3,000 dead. Coronavirus, that is, not Corona. Read the rest

Houstonites! Come see Hank Green and me in conversation tonight!

Hank Green and I are doing a double act tonight, July 31, as part of the tour for the paperback of his debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. It's a ticketed event (admission includes a copy of Hank's book), and we're presenting at 7PM at Spring Forest Middle School in association with Blue Willow Bookshop. Hope to see you there! Read the rest

Houston! Come see Hank Green and me on July 31

I'm coming to Houston on July 31 to appear with Hank Green at an event for the paperback launch of his outstanding debut novel An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: we're on a 7PM at Spring Forest Middle School (14240 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079); it's a ticketed event and the ticket price includes a copy of Hank's book. Hope to see you there! (Images: Vlogbrothers, Jonathan Worth, CC-BY) Read the rest

Hank Green's "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing": aliens vs social media fame vs polarization

Hank Green (previously) is one half of the famous and much-loved Vlog Brothers; while his brother John Green (previously) is well-known for his novels, Hank hasn't ventured into fiction -- until now. His debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a deceptively romp-y novel about mysterious samurai alien robot statues appearing all at once, everywhere that has hidden and absolutely remarkable depths.

Everything you always wanted to know about strange pee colors (but were too freaked out to ask)

From green to red to even black, it turns out your pee can turn a whole bunch of different colors for a whole bunch of different reasons. In this new SciShow video, Hank Green breaks down the ins and outs of strange pee colors. And in case you were wondering, here’s another SciShow video from a few years ago about why your poop is sometimes green: Read the rest

A primer on the Paris climate agreement and the cost of withdrawing from it

Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers offers a simple intro to the Paris climate accord and why it matters that Donald Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from it. Read the rest

Explaining the WannaCry ransomware attack

SciShow’s Hank Green breaks down the details of this month’s WannaCry ransomware attack. Read the rest

On nonexistent objects and imaginary worlds

As part of CrashCourse’s philosophy unit, Hank Green asks, “Is it possible to make true assertions about things that aren’t real?” Turns out the answer is pretty complicated. Read the rest

Binge-watching Titansgrave: Wil Wheaton's new live RPG show

I've just watched all three new episodes of Wil's new show, which features performers and writers playing an exhilarating RPG campaign with Wil as DM, set in a lavishly illustrated techno-primitive society. Read the rest

Astronaut Scott Kelly answers questions from YouTube creators

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Watch the Vlogbrothers argue about Batman in song

Good luck getting this song out of your head.

The science of vaccine denial

The only real scientific mystery about vaccines is why so many people buy into the deadly pseudoscience of vaccine denial and put their kids -- and yours -- at risk of catching ancient, vanquished, deadly diseases. Read the rest

The secret to success is working on the Right Thing

Nikole Dieker explains an aptly-named project: The Right Thing.

XKCD's "We Love the Internet" reenacted with Lessig, Gaiman, Nielsen Haydens, Schneier, and many others!

The incomparable Olga Nunes has released the latest and greatest iteration of the net's appreciation for Discovery Channel's "Boom-De-Yadda" commercial, reinacting the XKCD version with "Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Schneier, Jason Kottke, Google Zurich, Hank Green, MC Frontalot, Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Mr. Toast, Miss Cellania, Team Genius, Phil Plait, Allan Amato, Maddy Gaiman, Charissa Gilreath, Belinda Casas, Chuck Martinez, Jeremy James, Joanna Gaunder, Lee Israel & Octavio Coleman Esq. of The Jejune Institute."

We Love xkcd

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