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A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars: a child's garden of infinity

In A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, Seth Fishman and illustrator Isabel Greenberg (previously) present a the astounding, nearly incomprehensible size of the universe in a picture book that even the very youngest readers will delight in; when I blurbed it, I wrote "Dazzling: the astounding, mind-boggling scale of the magnificent universe and our humbling and miraculous place in it, rendered in pictures and words that the youngest readers will understand."

Kickstarting a growth chart that instills an appreciation of the awesome magnitude of the universe

Seth Fishman and Isabel Greenberg (previously) have a forthcoming picture book called A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, which uses masterful illustrations and text to convey the magnitude of the universe and its myriad significant things; in an accompanying Kickstarter, the pair are offering up a "growth chart" to help your kids record their progress while instilling a sense of the profundity and infinitude of our glorious universe. Read the rest

Incredibly Interesting Authors 006: Encyclopedia of Early Earth author Isabel Greenberg

Isabel Greenberg is a writer and illustrator who lives and works in North London. In her graphic novel The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, Greenberg combines art, mythology, and humor to tell a story of star-crossed love. It takes readers back to a time before history began, when another—now forgotten—civilization thrived. The people who roamed Early Earth were much like us: curious, emotional, funny, ambitious, and vulnerable. In this series of illustrated and linked tales, Greenberg chronicles the explorations of a young man as he paddles from his home in the North Pole to the South Pole in search of a missing piece of his soul. There, he meets his true love, but their romance is ill-fated. Early Earth's unusual and finicky polarity means the lovers can never touch.

Buy a copy of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth on Amazon.

Read Cory's review of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth.

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The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, a graphic novel by Isabel Greenberg

British comics creator Isabel Greenberg's Encyclopedia of Early Earth is a deceptively simple, lyrically told set of interlocking stories of creation, hubris, magic and destiny. It's pieced together from bits of the Old Testament, a little Greek mythology, and some of this and that, told as a series of stories that nest and dovetail with one another in a way that is at once unpretentious and straightforward, but also complex, meaty, and ultimately very satisfying. Read the rest

Funny fold-out highbrow kitchen shelf/book shelf/mantelpiece cover-ups

Discovered yesterday at the London Comica Comiket show at the Bishopsgate Institute, Isabel Greenberg's marvellous austerity-ready posh bookshelves, kitchen shelves and mantelpieces, these being long fold-out illustrations filled with fancy items, high-minded literature, and positional goods that you can use to cover up your shabby personal effects and trashy books. Isabel's website is only displaying the bookshelf and kitchen shelf, and not the mantelpiece (which is a shame, because I think it's the best of the series -- I bought one!).

I am working on a series of concertina 'Fold Out-Fold up' products. So far I have a kitchen and a bookshelf. The idea is that you fold them out to cover anything shame full you might have behind. So if you have an embarrassing book case with lots of Mills and Boon or the Twilight books or something, you fold out my book shelf cover and put it in front! The kitchen one has lots of foodie feastables and you can pop it over your kitchen shelf when you have nothing but pot noodles and stale crackers.

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