Court rejects TSA qualified immunity: Government genital massages can be video-recorded

The TSA tried to weasel its way out of a lawsuit in which a TSA agent forced a man to delete a video he'd taken of being searched by an agent but the court rejected its qualified immunity defense. Cory Doctorow has more on his Pluralistic blog:

Qualified immunity is a bizarre American legal doctrine that says that government officials (especially cops) that break the law aren't personally liable for their lawlessness unless the law they violate is "clearly established."

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A grandmother is suing the TSA for strip searching her to get a look at her panty liner, on Mother's Day

Back in 2012, Jon Corbett made headlines by showing that he could easily get metal through TSA checkpoints' full-body pornoscanners: his experiences fighting the TSA convinced him to get his law license and hang out a shingle, and now he has his first client: Rhonda Mengert, a grandmother who was illegally strip-searched by the Tulsa TSA because they felt a panty-liner when they patted down her crotch. — Read the rest

HOWTO get metal through a TSA full-body scanner

Jon Corbett, an engineer who is suing the TSA over the use of full-body "pornoscanners," has developed and documented a simple way to smuggle metallic objects, including guns, through the scanners. He tested the method at real TSA checkpoints, producing video-documentation that shows him apparently passing through the scanners with odd-shaped metal objects in a hidden pocket sewn into his garments. — Read the rest