Mary Meeker's yearly report on global trends is out – good stuff

Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has released the 230-page slideshow for her annual "Internet Trends" report. I've just started going through it and it's fascinating. What learned in the first 30 slides or so: Population growth is slowing, household debt is increasing, people are living longer, GDPs have been below average in recent years, smartphone sales are slowing, and user-generated video is the new big thing. — Read the rest

John Battelle 1000th post on Searchblog

John Battelle 1000th post (congratulations!) on his Searchblog is a great summary on Mary Meeker's "Update on the Digital World."

Meeker: …And if there are hundreds or thousands of thought leaders and motivated, interested parties on the Internet with the ability to publish news or insights into any number of local or global issues, then it is safe to say that these blogs often become both the first source of news, a vital proving ground for authors and a source of potential community for other interested parties.

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