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Buskers are the only performers making money at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here's how.

So. You're trudging down the Royal Mile taking it all in. The World's largest festival of the performing arts, and in such a beautiful city, too. Detestably young actors with a dream in their heart and Starbucks in their veins approach from every angle, lunging flyers at you like fencers thrusting a blade. You dodge, parry, apologise and avoid – priding yourself on your fringe street savvy. But then your attention is piqued by a noise. The unmistakable sound of genuine spontaneous fun. Your lizard brain makes you perk up like a meerkat, on the balls of your feet, trying to get a look at what might be occurring ahead. There's a crowd. Could be anything. Could be something. You add yourself to their number, pushing in a little. Someone's doing something. Looks like you missed whatever amazing feat caused the crowd to erupt like that, but lets stick around to see what happens next, right?

London's Variety Club for Kids: Cabaret for all ages, May 29/30

Showman Mat Ricardo (previously) writes, "I've always thought it was a shame that the resurgence in cabaret and variety shows has tended to be adult-centric. Late night sexy circus shenanigans are all well and good, but variety shows should be for everyone - so I did something about it!" Read the rest

Mat Ricardo's next juggling show will feature a trick you think he can't do

Mat Ricardo (previously) writes, "After 30 years of being the undisputed go-to guy for performing feats of dexterity live on stage, I've got a problem - I think I've done all the tricks I can think of. So, in what could be the dumbest move of my career, or the most fun, I'm issuing an open challenge for my next one man show." Read the rest

Don't agree to do record-breaking tricks on Chinese TV. Just don't.

Gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo writes, "Last week I got booked to travel to China and appear on their big world records TV show to pull the biggest tablecloth ever. Here's how none of that happened and I ended up literally fleeing to the airport." Read the rest

Mat Ricardo's "Showman" at the London Wonderground

Mat Ricardo writes, "My award-winning and critically acclaimed ('Breaktaking' - Evening Standard - see!) one man show has only one more date in London in 2015, but it's a big one - on the 3rd of June I'll be performing it in the beautiful spiegeltent on the banks of the Thames at the London Wonderground." Read the rest

Gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo at London's South Bank Centre

Mat Ricardo sez, "Completely thrilled to announce that, in what must surely be some kind of administrative error, my one man show 'Showman' will have a three night run at The Purcell Room in London's South Bank Centre on the 19th, 20th & 21st of January." Read the rest

Tablecloth trick++

Mat Ricardo improves on his signature tablecloth trick (in which he puts the tablecloth back under the place-settings) with a new trick that's quite a stunner! Read the rest

Slo-mo yo-yo trick: uh-oh!

Showman Mat Ricardo sends us "a little clip of one of the new tricks in the 2014 tour of my one man show 'Showman.' We've been touring it around the world over the last year, and can't wait to return for a limited run at the Edinburgh Fringe in August." Read the rest

Mat Ricardo playing Dorchester this Sat

Mat Ricardo writes, "After a sold-out London West End run of my one man show 'Showman,' earlier this year, I'm spending most of the rest of 2014 touring around the world; I've managed to squeeze in only one UK date, and its this coming Saturday, at the lovely Dorchester Arts Centre. It's a great intimate venue, exactly the kind of space where my stuff works best, and I'm really looking forward to it.

"I'll be heading to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Canada and Finland - ridiculous, and obviously I'm very excited that people seem to be really getting into what I do! And if that's not enough, I've also got the hilarious Sarah Benetto as a special guest. It's going to be a hell of a night - Stories! Danger! Stupid tricks! Come!" Read the rest

Mat Ricardo's one-man mime show in London's West End, Jan 21-25

Mat Ricardo writes, "Very happy to announce that my new one man show 'Showman' is running for a week in London's West End as part of the London International Mime Festival. I've been a fan (and customer) of the Mime Fest for more than a decade, so I'm really happy to be involved this year - in spite of not being a mime artist, and having a show that sees me talk pretty much from beginning to end!" Read the rest

Video from London Varieties 5

Mat Ricardo sez, "Here's the Web TV version of show 5 of the London Varieties. Want to see a man play classical music while juggling ping pong balls with his mouth? OF COURSE YOU DO! Enjoy the show, and then come to the last ever live show, this coming Wednesday at 9.30pm, at the Leicester Square Theatre, featuring DAVE GORMAN, PAUL ZENON, MAT RICARDO and a packed show of circus, variety, comedy, music, and - as it's the last show - lots of secret special guests! Get your tickets here.

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties: Show Five Read the rest

London Varieties show: Jun 27, with Eddie Izzard

Mat Ricardo writes in with news of his next London Varieties show:

It's the latest episode of Mat Ricardo's London Varieties – featuring Eddie Izzard, Piff the Magic Dragon, Original Street Dance and octogenarian one-liner king Michael Pearse! Enjoy and share till it hurts!

The next live show (only two more this year..) happens next Thursday, 27th June at the Leicester Square Theatre at 9.30pm. As always, it mixes the best of past, current and future generations of variety and comedy stars in one show. Next week I'll be hosting brilliant comedian Jenny Eclair, Legendary comic Jimmy Cricket, Amazing acrobats So & So Circus and astonishing mouth-juggler Rod Laver, plus all the usual surpises. Fun is guaranteed!

The live shows help to support the creation of the web TV shows, so come along and help support the project – I promise you'll see some things you've never seen before!

Book tickets for the next show here.

Find out more about the show here.

And you can listen to the complete, 40 minute long interview with Eddie Izzard, here.

Read the rest

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties returns May 30

London impressario Mat Ricardo writes in with news of the next London Varieties show:

We had a ball last month at London's Leicester Square Theatre with a show that featured the very silly JOHANN LIPPOVITZ, very naughty EASTEND CABARET, very incredible LISA LOTTIE and the very legendary PAUL DANIELS - plus I risk my life! And you can watch it all right here, for free!

The next show happens on May 30th, and it's going to be a doozy. We've got the astonishing hip-hop improvisor ABANDOMAN, One of the UK's hottest stars of magic PIFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, ORIGINAL STREET DANCE, and veteran variety performer MICHAEL PEARSE, and I'll be debuting one of the most complicated juggling routines I've ever attempted!

There are only three more shows in this limited season, and they're all one time only line-ups. You can book tickets at http://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873489348/events

And find out more about the next show here. You can find out some of the surprises we have in store for upcoming shows, by following me on twitter @MatRicardo.

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Video of Mat Ricardo's London Varieties show

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties Episode Two is now up online for anyone to watch, enjoy and share - for free to course!

Video of the first Mat Ricardo's London Varieties show

The first episode of the 2013 season of Mat Ricardo's London Varieties is now up, online, for anyone to watch, completely free!

Mat Ricardo's "London Varieties" is back and in the west end!

Mat Ricardo sez,

Last year I started a monthly variety show in a small East London venue. It was a little personal project that let me show my vision of what a variety show could be. Well, happily, it was a bit of a success - all the shows pretty much sold out, we got nominated for some awards, and The Stage named us the best light-entertainment show of the year. We were very pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a passionate audience for the kind of shenanigans I staged!

So for the 2013 season things are getting bigger and crazier. "Mat Ricardo's London Varieties" will run a season of six shows, once a month, and we're in a London West End theatre! I've been working hard for the last few months putting together the absolute best variety bills you could wish for. Some big names, some not so well-known, but every single performer is the absolute best at what they do. Magicians, circus performers, acrobats, clowns, comedians, singers, dancers, purveyors of thrills, skills, spectacle, beauty and silliness - every single one of them a top-of-their-game headliner through and through.

There hasn't been a real, knock-down, drag-out, no-apologies variety show in a West End theatre since the heydays of my heroes in the 60's and 70's, and this is a real labour of love - a childhood dream come true for me, but also something special for the performers and for all the fans of variety who have seen something they love go out of fashion.

Read the rest

London Varieties comes to the Edinburgh Fringe

Juggler and impresario Mat Ricardo sez,

After six months of sell-out shows and fun times in London, we've arrived at the Edinburgh Fringe where Mat Ricardo's London Varieties has become The Voodoo Varieties! We're all very excited - we have a completely different line-up of the best cabaret, variety, circus and comedy acts every single night - and we've got some amazing guests in the next few days, including professional wrestling superstar MICK FOLEY, Scary genius RICHARD WISEMAN, comedy star THE BOY WITH TAPE ON HIS FACE, PIFF THE MAGIC DRAGON and lots and lots more.

Every night is going to be a one-off, unique show, and we're adding more names all the time. I am, if you can't tell already, giddy like a schoolgirl about some of the people I'm going to get the chance to host. The show is running at The Ballroom, The Voodoo Rooms at 8.15 every night except Mondays, and my new one man show "Vaudeville Schmuck" is at the same venue at 5.45pm every night.

Boing Boing readers have been so supportive of the Varieties project, so I wanted to make sure that any of you that are around the fringe this month knew what fun would be going on over at the Voodoo Rooms. You can book tickets for the Varieties here and for Vaudeville Schmuck here.

Voodoo Varieties with Mat Ricardo

(Thanks, Mat!) Read the rest

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