Cory speaking at Denmark's Reboot this weekend

In a couple hours, I'm leaving for Reboot, Denmark's annual, spectacular technology conference. This year's line-up of speakers is nothing less than stellar:

Douglas Bowman, Stopdesign;
Lee Bryant, Headshift;
Paula Le Dieu, BBC;
Jason Calacanis, Weblogs Inc.;
Ben Cerveny, Interaction designer and author;
James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore of OpenSauceLive;
Régine Debatty, we make money not art;
Cory Doctorow, EFF / Boing Boing;
Anders Bertram Eibye, The Danish Design School;
Jyri Engeström, Aula, blog:;

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Brain Hacks: Overclock your amygdala

Matt Webb — whose party trick is uttering gnomic, interesting, mind-bending sentences at the drop of a hat — has gone public with his new project. He and a brain-scientist pal are co-writing BRAIN HACKS for O'Reilly: a hundred pithy tips for overlocking your amygdala. — Read the rest

DaVinci's notebooks, a page a day

Matt Webb is a real Renaissance geek, and as such he's too busy to actually read the great and defining works fo the Renaissance, such as DaVinci's imposing 1,565-page Notebooks. At least not all in one gulp. So Matt's poured all of the Notebooks (scarfed from the Project Gutenberg site) into a script that sends out one page a day as RSS. — Read the rest

Ruminations on a bee

I love Matt Webb's blog entries. They're superdense, thought-provoking, serious and playful at the same time. He's a smart one, our Matt. Today's entry is awfully tasty.

esterday morning, hot sun and hot pavement, I found a dead bee. I can't remember the last time I saw a dead bee – not since I've lived in a city, I guess – and this one was still brightly coloured, fuzzy and fat.

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Gbloogle: what it all (may) mean

The Google buyout of Blogger is the big news in the blogosphere this morning. Dan Gillmor did a brilliant thing last night when he posted his column about this a day early and scooped the universe on the story. But the story is very light on details — presumably, this is because no one at Gbloogle wants to dish on the stuff we all want to know:

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LazyWeb ideas have a home

LazyWeb is a notion that comes — as far as I know — from the same smarty-pants Britons who gave us warchalking, i.e., Matt Jones, Matt Webb (thanks, Webb!), Ben Hammersley, et al. The idea of LazyWeb is that one has an interesting idea for a web-project (say, a tool that scrapes every blog listed on the weblogs.comRead the rest