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MC Frontalot's new album: OG nerdcore looks in horror and asks "What hath we wrought?"

MC Frontalot (previously) is one of the OGs of nerdcore hiphop, bringing out huge crowds of fans for his music all over the world (I once caught him doing a show in North London at which a young man showed up in full Frontalot cosplay; I've also seen him perform for packed houses at Defcon). Read the rest

Celebrate Independence Day with MC Frontalot's nerdcore rap about free software vs open source

Animator Chad Essley writes, "The new MC Frontalot (previously) nerdcore video is out for the 4th of July! Celebrate our nation’s hostility toward the British crown by listening to Front rap about internet arguments over Free Software!" Read the rest

Auctioning art from an MC Frontalot video for EFF

Artist Chad Essey sez, "I'm auctioning some animation frames from the music video for Shudders I created for MC Frontalot's Question Bedtime album, with proceeds to the Electronic Frontier Foundation." Read the rest

MC Frontalot dresses up as Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

MC Frontalot has released the video for "Start Over" -- the Little Red Riding Hood song from his album Question Bedtime. He writes, "I finally got the new video out! And I'm extremely happy with it. Director Alicia J. Rose did a bang-up job putting this project together when I came through Portland in December, marshaling the city's youngsters and more makeup than I've ever worn for anything." Read the rest

Debuting "Shudders," MC Frontalot's spooky new video

A song based on "The Boy Who Left Home To Learn What Fear Was" -- it's from the brilliant album Question Bedtime, which turns classic fairy tales into sinister nerdcore raps -- for kids! Read the rest

MC Frontalot's Question Bedtime: nerdcore fairy tales for kids and parents

If you know anything about nerdcore superstar MC Frontalot, then you know he's not just about ice-cold flow and deep rhymes: he's also funny as hell. Now, with Question Bedtime, Frontalot brings us an album for kids, 40 minutes' of hip-hop fairy tales. Read the rest

MC Frontalot's "I'll Form the Head" - crowdfunded voltronoid nerdcore

MC Frontalot sez, "At long last, here's the third of three videos from my album Solved that were funded by fans via Kickstarter. It was directed by Carly Monardo and features my nerdcore rap compatriots ZeaLouS1 and Dr. Awkward.

Lyrics and credits are on the youtube page. The single is out today, too, and it's free at frontalot.com.

Bright-colored robotic space rhinoceri that we pilot — why? 'Cause they're in supply. Plus, we heed the cry of our planet's population to defend them. We report to battle stations! Split screen — ready! — and our rhinos are rocket ships with fully articulated tusk, jaws, and hips. They come equipped with individual special attacks, none with a lack (but a couple a little bit slack). I'm not naming any pilot specifically, but we're all color coded so you notice that typically I (in the gold) lead the charge, do the most damage to whatever very giant space invader managed to threaten the globe in yet another of our episodes. This week? Malevolent galactic nematode! Already beat up the squad when we faced him. I'm calling it: let's form a giant robot and waste him.

MC Frontalot - I'll Form The Head [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

(Thanks, Frontalot!) Read the rest

New MC Frontalot song and video: Nerd Life

A new music video from the king of nerdcore.

Zombie documentary from "The People v George Lucas" crew needs your support

DOC OF THE DEAD will delve deep into the myriad crevasses of zombie culture to deliver the first-ever in-depth look at a contemporary social pandemic of global proportions.

XOXO: Maker Love, Not Thwart

I have fallen in love with a building, hundreds of people, a MakerBot, a portable toilet trailer, food trucks, and two men each named Andy. Is it possible to fall in love with a conference? If so, I have. The organizers named the conference XOXO for hugs and kisses. This was presented without hipster irony or marketing-speak. They meant it. They delivered.

Humble Music Bundle does for music what Humble has done for games -- DRM-free, pay-what-you-like, awesome

The wonderful folks at Humble Bundle -- who produce pay-what-you-like bundles of DRM-free media, inviting customers to apportion some or all of their payments to charity -- have expanded from games bundles into music. The just-launched Humble Music Bundle includes work from They Might Be Giants, OK Go, MC Frontalot, Christopher Tin, Jonathan Coulton, and Hitoshi Sakimoto. It's DRM-free, it's pay-what-you-like, and it's amazing music, too.

Humble Music Bundle

(Disclosure: I am the volunteer curator of a forthcoming Humble Ebook Bundle) Read the rest

Original MC Frontalot CD art for sale

MC Frontalot sez, "The unstoppable Eliza Gauger is selling off the original back-cover painting that she did for my album Zero Day. A little bit of nerdcore history available to the aspiring archivist, with about two days left to bid."

ZERO DAY Read the rest

New MC Frontalot video: Stoop Sale

The incomparable MC Frontalot sez, "The second video extravaganza from my overfunded Kickstarter is Stoop Sale, a chilling tale of indecision and loss presented in cheerful all-puppet format. This is my first song about living in New York, which is something rappers seem to make songs about pretty often, but I've only just gotten around to it. Because it is a nerdcore song, the actual topic is my attempted purchase of a mystical item on the street corner in front of my apartment building in Brooklyn. This serves as the latest single from my recent album, Solved. Hi-def quicktime, MP3, and AAC files are all available free at frontalot.com."

MC Frontalot - Stoop Sale [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

(Thanks, Frontalot!) Read the rest

MC Frontalot's Critical Hit

We're honored to be first to present the video for MC Frontalot's Critical Hit, starring Brian Posehn alongside the nerdcore rapper.

MC Frontalot's latest nerdcore album: SOLVED

Nerdcore rap legend MC Frontalot sez, "SOLVED, my new album came out today! It's a concept record about how all solutions are hacks. It has got guest appearances from some other nerdcore rappers (MC Lars, ZeaLouS1, Dr Awkward), some rockstars (Wheatus), and some comedy masterminds (Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman). If anyone wants to take a peek, the first single, "Critical Hit," is free and the CD page offers instant download with purchase. The package on my site includes 24bit FLAC, but if you aren't such an audiophile, it's also posted on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. I hope folks like it. It was quite a labor of love and I am happy about how it came out."

I've been giving this a spin this morning and it's definitely vintage Frontalot -- I love "Captains of Industry," a great track about how every nerdcore rapper is really in the t-shirt business.


(Thanks, Frontalot) Read the rest

Nerdcore Now: new nerdcore sampler

Nerdcore Now: Volume 1 is a great, free sampler of nerdcore music from the Nerdcore Now community: "Featuring brand new unreleased tracks from artists such as Beefy, Supercommuter, Adam Warrock, Random aka Mega Ran, Death*Star, Torrentz and so many more!

Songs on this compilation cover topics related to video games, nerd life braggadocio, teleportation, X-Men, Pokemon, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and so much more!"

01 - Beefy - Nerdcore Now 02 - Supercommuter - Robot Party 03 - The ThoughtCriminals - Warp Zone (1-2) 04 - The Future - Teleport 05 - Soup or Villainz - Live In The Arcade Ft. Danyeal McIntosh 06 - Milk-Plus & Lady DKX - I Can Be Your Supervillain 07 - Adam Warrock - Nightcrawlin' 08 - DeathStar - Social Apothecary 09 - Random - Sweeter Ft. Dale Chase 10 - PovertyMan - Rap Cliche 11 - Jake-bit - Redundant Me 12 - Illbotz - Give A Little Love 13 - XoC - A Seed Grows In Brooklyn 14 - Emergency Pizza Party - Never Going Back Ft. Rappy McRapperson & Shinobi Onibocho 15 - Bizarro X-Men - Character Select 16 - Ultraklystron - Bromance Dance 17 - Torrentz - Nerdcore International 18 - Klopfenpop - Don't Panic Ft. MC 117, Milk-Plus & Diabeats 19 - MC 117 - Bulbasaur 20 - Untested Methods - Little Crow [BONUS] 21 - Random - Fly (Klopfenpop Mix)

Nerdcore Now Volume 1 - Download Now!

(via Underwire)

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MC Frontalot's Spoiler Alert will spoil everything you love

Nerdcore hero MC Frontalot's new album is coming soon (along with a wide-ranging US tour) and he's celebrating with this single and accompanying video on YouTube: Spoiler Alert, which contains enough spoilers to ruin your whole life.

Zero Day

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