MC Frontalot dresses up as Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

MC Frontalot has released the video for "Start Over" — the Little Red Riding Hood song from his album Question Bedtime. He writes, "I finally got the new video out! And I'm extremely happy with it. Director Alicia J. Rose did a bang-up job putting this project together when I came through Portland in December, marshaling the city's youngsters and more makeup than I've ever worn for anything."

Original MC Frontalot CD art for sale

MC Frontalot sez, "The unstoppable Eliza Gauger is selling off the original back-cover painting that she did for my album Zero Day. A little bit of nerdcore history available to the aspiring archivist, with about two days left to bid."


New MC Frontalot video: Stoop Sale

The incomparable MC Frontalot sez, "The second video extravaganza from my overfunded Kickstarter is Stoop Sale, a chilling tale of indecision and loss presented in cheerful all-puppet format. This is my first song about living in New York, which is something rappers seem to make songs about pretty often, but I've only just gotten around to it. — Read the rest

MC Frontalot's latest nerdcore album: SOLVED

Nerdcore rap legend MC Frontalot sez, "SOLVED, my new album came out today! It's a concept record about how all solutions are hacks. It has got guest appearances from some other nerdcore rappers (MC Lars, ZeaLouS1, Dr Awkward), some rockstars (Wheatus), and some comedy masterminds (Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman). — Read the rest

MC Frontalot's Spoiler Alert will spoil everything you love

Nerdcore hero MC Frontalot's new album is coming soon (along with a wide-ranging US tour) and he's celebrating with this single and accompanying video on YouTube: Spoiler Alert, which contains enough spoilers to ruin your whole life.

Zero Day

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MC Frontalot's Final Boss: nerdcore par excellence

MC Frontalot's new nerdcore album, Final Boss, is a perfect, catchy collection of raps and sketches about video-games, Japanese manga fandom, voting machines, and other important subjects. Of especial note is a completely, convulsively hilarious sketch with Wil Wheaton about Wil and Frontalot's respective career-choices. — Read the rest

New MC Frontalot nerdcore album

Just finished listening to nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot's new album, "Secrets From the Future," released today. Frontalot is sounding like a heavy geek version of Beck, with songs like "I Hate Your Blog" and "You Got Asperger's" that are funny, unrepentantly weird, and goofy. — Read the rest