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Sticker portrait of Alfred E. Neuman (RIP, MAD)

Noah Scalin (previously) writes, "I'm so devastated to learn about Mad magazine's imminent demise. I just recently finished my own portrait of Alfred E. Neuman, made from stickers, inspired by the reboot of the magazine (which features new works by artists inspired by growing up reading Mad). Mad was such a seminal part of my childhood. As a budding activist I loved seeing popular culture, politics and advertising skewered in such a clever & subversive way (as children's entertainment!). The world is losing a shining beacon just as it needs it most." Read the rest

Guns filled with guts: Anatomy of War

Noah Scalin's "Anatomy of War" sculptures are polymer clay cutaway guns filled with colorful, wet-looking human viscera. Read the rest

Kickstarting a Skull-a-Day book

Noah Scalin writes "At long last I'm finally publishing all 365 of my original Skull-A-Day creations in a single book! I've partnered with Chop Suey Books, an amazing local independent bookseller here in Richmond, Virginia to finally create the ultimate volume of my yearlong skull art making project. The store is even launching a new imprint, Chop Suey Books Books, just to make and distribute this beautiful hardcover volume (if I do say so myself, since I'm the one that designed it!). I'm most excited about sharing a new model for artists and local businesses to work together to create something outside of the old systems, that can benefit us both, as well as our community. To kick things off we've decided to pre-sell the book on Kickstarter with some unique thank you gifts, including some of the actual original pieces of the project! I hope you'll check it out."

$24 gets you an early-bird book. Noah is a guy who ships what he starts, too. Read the rest

Skull painted on old vacuum tube

Noah Scalin says: "I created a new Skeletube for the Think Small exhibition opening this week at Artspace in Richmond, VA. The show requires all work to be 3" x 3" (x3") or smaller and this hand-painted vacuum definitely fits that requirement. More about it, including a 360 view here." (Via BB G+) Read the rest

Book-and-record set for the League of Space Pirates

Noah Scalin sez, "Thought you might enjoy this little video I made to promote the latest release from my science fiction project League of Space Pirates (yes, apparently they still have As Seen On TV commercials in the future). It's a return to the classic book & record format of the 70s/80s. In this case the 16 page comic book features illustrated stories based on the lyrics of two original songs from the League of Space Pirates band"

Book & Record single now available throughout the galaxy!

(Thanks, Noah!) Read the rest

Skull made from VHS cassettes: Dead Media

Noah Scalin sez, "Dead Media is created from 497 VHS videocassettes that were given to me by several friends and also culled from my personal collection. The piece, which is approximately 20 feet long by 9 feet wide, was built in the style of the skull in Holbein's The Ambassadors and meant to be viewed from only one point and is actually quite distorted in real life. The piece is on display at the TCC Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Virginia from this Friday through November 1st after which it will be dismantled and used to create new artworks by the students of Tidewater Community College."

403. Dead Media

(Thanks, Noah!) Read the rest

Princess Leia/vintage pinup

Thing-a-day guy Noah Scalin sez, "Artist Betsy VanDeusen created this wonderful Star Wars-ified version of a classic Elvgren pinup as part of her yearlong daily project!

You can see the rest of her work on her blog, and read a recent interview about her project on my own blog."

She explains, "Starting on 2/27/2012, and working through 2/27/2013, I intend to work on my art daily. It will all be tied in to the "Retro Pinup" theme somehow. The important thing to me is the daily practice of working. I'm not necessarily interested in creating "finished pieces" on a daily basis (Taking a work to completion may take the accumulated efforts of a week, a month, or more- if the piece demands it). I just have so many ideas that I never follow up on, and this project gives me the incentive and excuse to focus on those ideas on a daily basis."

The Princess Leia Pinup.

(Thanks, Noah!) Read the rest

Retro rocket ring

Noah Scalin sez, "Just look at this awesome steampunky rocket ring created by Herbert Hoover (not the former president) for his Ring-A-Day project. He also has a laser-cut miniature wooden version for sale on his Etsy page as well."

I'm partial to Hoover's espresso ring, too.

Ring-A-Day: Rocket Ring Read the rest

How to get unstuck in 30 seconds

Unstuck is a new book from Noah Scalin offering 52 methods and strategies that one can use to get out of a creative rut. He's also running a bunch of 30 second videos from people describing their own tricks, including yours truly; Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd; performance artist Slash Coleman; and Matt Lively. Read the rest

Homebrew junk action figures made by US soldier in Afghanistan

Noah Scalin sez, "Check out these amazing articulated action figures made from bottle caps and other found materials by Private First Class Rupert Valero, who is stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Wilson in Khandahar, Afghanistan.

A former oil rig engineer, Valero has been a collector and customizer of 6" super-articulated action figures for many years, but since being stationed in Afghanistan he has begun making his own figures entirely from upcycled materials."

Upcycled Action Figures in Afghanistan

(Thanks, Noah!)

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Skull-a-Day meets Mutter pathology museum

Noah from the wonderful Skull-a-Day site got interviewed by Robert Hicks, PhD, Director of the Mütter Museum (Philadelphia's astounding pathology musuem). The Mutter is one of the most astounding, humbling, beautiful places I've ever been.

No Bones About It! Featuring Noah Scalin

(Thanks, Noah!

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Skull-a-Day gallery show

Noah Scalin sez:

Some images from my exhibition After Life that is currently up at Quirk Gallery here in Richmond, VA. The show features 100 original skulls from my Skull-A-Day project (which is the majority of what still exists) as well as several new large-scale pieces made specifically for this show including: a working sign made from vintage neon pieces, a giant laser cut steel skull, a 9 foot tall laser cut wood version of the United Skull of America, a hand pinstriped car hood, and custom upholstered chairs. The show is up through August 22nd and is the first time any of the work has been for sale.

There are also a couple of events happening at the gallery before it closes: SKULLS FOR KIDS (August 8th 10am-noon); and TEA PARTY (August 15th 2-4pm).

After Life: A Skull Exhibition

(Thanks, Noah!)

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Scalin Skullpaper

(Bill Gurstelle is guest blogging here on Boing Boing. He is the author of several books including Backyard Ballistics, and the recently published Absinthe and Flamethrowers. Twitter: @wmgurst)

BoingBoing readers may already be familiar with artist Noah Scalin Skull-A-Day project from a previous post. I met Noah at the 2009 GEL conference in New York City and was immediately struck by his ability to so creatively render an idea in so many different media (vegetables, shoelaces, bed sheets, concrete construction barriers, and so on.)

In early July (July 3 to August 22 to be precise), a solo art show of his work in opens in Richmond, VA. It's at the Quirk Gallery, 311 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA. He'll be displaying his newly available Skull-a-Day wallpaper as well.

It took me a while to see the skull in the wallpaper, but yup, there it is. Read the rest