Pink slime in the context of history

I haven't written much about pink slime—that creamy mixture of meat and animal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of industrial meat processing.

Most of what's being written about this lately comes from a place of outrage. And I'm really not sure I can get outraged about pink slime. — Read the rest

"Zombie" magazines: prestigious publications raised from the dead by hucksters, extremists and morons

At The New Republic, Alex Shephard traces the rise of "zombie" magazines: respected but failed outlets raised from the dead to crank out bizarre, low-quality or extremist content that wears the old masthead's prestigious corpse. Zombie king is "Newsweek", in the news this week after publishing a racist legal falsehood to suggest Kamala Harris is ineligible for high office. — Read the rest

Disney paid 'at least' $177 million to settle #pinkslime lawsuit over ABC News reports on gross meat product

This summer, ABC News made a historically large payout to settle a defamation lawsuit over 'pink slime,' or what the meat industry likes to call 'lean finely textured beef.'

No, that's not referring to Hulk Hogan, but there is a worrisome connection between this media lawsuit and the one backed by Peter Thiel against Gawker, which silenced that publication. — Read the rest

Interview with Soviet-era TV ad director Harry Egipt: erotic ice cream and nightmare chicken

The weirdo Soviet-era television ads directed by Harry Egipt are the stuff of internet legend, and we've blogged about them here on Boing Boing many times over many years. His 30-second meditation on ground chicken meat is a surrealist vegetarian nightmare that pre-dates "pink slime" hysteria by half a century; his lightly erotic ice cream ads are stil creamily creepy. — Read the rest

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: "Only In My Dreams"

"I'm just a rock n' roller from Beverly Hills / My name is Ariel... Pink!"

Well, okay. Sing it, Ariel! Peculiar popsmith Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti are back, and as absurdly delightful and infectiously catchy as ever. Hella amusingly weird too - just check out the damaged Beach Boys vibe of, uh, "Schnitzel Boogie". Oh, and of course AP couldn't resist titling a track here, "Pink Slime"!