Chokepoint Capitalism: how Big Tech and Big Content captured creative labor markets and how we'll win them back

Copyright scholar Rebecca Giblin joins forces with erstwhile Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow to excoriate Big Tech and Big Content—not for the everyday sins of privacy invasion and surveillance but for their cornering of creative labor. Their book, Chokepoint Capitalism [Amazon], out later this month, identifies not just the problem but projects that show the way out of it. — Read the rest

Beyond "more copyright": how do we improve artists' lives and livelihoods through policy?

Last year while I was on tour in Australia with my novel Walkaway, I sat down for an interview with legal scholar Rebecca Giblin (previously), whose Authors' Interest project studies how we would craft copyright (and other policies) if we wanted to benefit creators, rather than enriching corporations; we talked about the power and limits of copyright to benefit authors, and how other policies, like antitrust, are crucial to getting authors their fair share.