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An auction for Rolly Crump's "Museum of the Weird" art from the Haunted Mansion that never was

Rolly Crump (previously) was one of the weirdest, most bohemian of the original group of Imagineers; when he was tasked with developing concepts for the oft-stalled and perennially beleaguered Disneyland Haunted Mansion, he came up with the Museum of the Weird, a guided walkthrough spook house filled with mystical illusions, and psychedelic, daemonic imagery. Read the rest

Exhibition of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump's work

Rolly Crump: It's Kind of a Cute Story will be at the Oceanside Museum of Art, August 26, 2017–February 18, 2018. It's a must-see for fans of Disney art and design.

This exhibition invites the public to step into the whimsical mind of dreamer and designer Rolly Crump with the world premiere of a walk-through exhibition highlighting his 65-year career as one of the most imaginative attraction creators in theme park history. As a nonconformist member of Walt Disney’s hand-picked Disneyland design team, Crump was the eccentric architect of endearing and enduring environmental art installations that have stood at the forefront of a vibrant pop-culture landscape for over half a century. Crump’s contributions to It’s a Small World, The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Haunted Mansion, and other Disneyland attractions were trendsetting at the time of their creation, and they remain entirely relevant today in a multibillion-dollar industry that has grown perpetually and exponentially from the creative seeds planted by Crump and his peers. From his days within Disney’s inner circle of pioneers, and throughout all of his personal and professional endeavors, Crump has been a good-natured contrarian—a visual provocateur who infused each of his projects with his own offbeat aesthetic. This will be a journey through a world of spinning propellers, marching toys, living clocks, and talking tikis. Museum-goers of all ages will encounter magic, humor, and inspiration at every turn. Crump is a master of the fine art of fun. This exhibition is supported by Mary Scherr and Marvin Sippel

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Weekend of Wonder: Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art

Starting tomorrow the Oceanside Museum of Art plays host to Weekend of Wonder co-creator Baby Tattoo's Carnival of Astounding Art!

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The Haunted Mansion was almost the Tiki Room

Another outstanding photo-essay on the Long Forgotten Haunted Mansion blog shows how many of the original Rolly Crump concepts for a walk-through Haunted Mansion at Disneyland eventually made their way into the Enchanted Tiki Room, with effects based on Cocteau's 1946 movie La Belle et la Bête. Read the rest

The birth of Disney's dark ride

Jeff Baham, author of The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion, celebrates the attraction's 45th anniversary with a look at its uneasy genesis—and its enduring appeal.

Mary Blair and the World's Fair: Rolly Crump describes the birth of "it's a small world"

Yesterday, I posted about the publication of More Cute Stories, Volume 4: 1964/65 New York World's Fair, an audio memoir of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump. I've been listening to it today, and enjoying it immensely. I wrote to Bamboo Forest, the publishers, and secured permission to share a couple of MP3s from the collection with you. Read the rest

Imagineer Rolly Crump on the 1964 NY World's Fair: audio memoir

Jeff writes in with wonderful news: the release of Disney Legend Rolly Crump's More Cute Stories, Volume 4: 1964/65 New York World's Fair. This high-quality recording includes sixty minutes of all new stories about Rolly's involvement with the legendary 'Billion-Dollar Fair'. It is available on CD and as a digital download. Read the rest

Podcast: Imagineer Rolly Crump on designing the Haunted Mansion

Jeff sez, "On episode 5 of the DoomBuggies Spook Show podcast (MP3), designer Rolly Crump gives a very candid interview in which he talks about his career working on Disneyland's Haunted Mansion with Walt Disney at WED Imagineering, and tells personal stories including the time he spent working with co-tinkerer Yale Gracey designing special effects for the Haunted Mansion, and how he was drummed out of the Haunted Mansion project after Walt died." Read the rest

More audio memoirs of Rolly Crump, pioneering Imagineer

Jeff sez, "After the success of It's Kind Of A Cute Story and More Cute Stories Vol 1, Disney Legend Rolly Crump is proud to announce the release of More Cute Stories, Volume 2: Animators and Imagineers (CD/MP3). This high-quality recording includes nearly an hour of all new stories about the people Rolly worked with at WED and the Disney Animation Department, as told by Rolly himself."

More Cute Stories, Vol 2: Animators and Imagineers Read the rest

Surreal, contrafactual Haunted Mansion that never was

The always-unmissable Long Forgotten blog has an astounding post on the Disneyland Haunted Mansion that almost was, when the design team of Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey were in charge of the team. Crump was an enormous fan of Jean Cocteau's 1946 surrealist film La belle et la bête and he and Gracey created some of the most memorable effects that grace the Mansion today. But the stuff they didn't make -- lovingly researched and presented herein -- is just astounding, weird and gorgeous. Even with that stuff on the cutting-room floor, the Cocteau influences are unmissable, as you can see from this comparison between the arm wall-sconce and a prop from La belle et la bête.
Suddenly we've got concept artwork out the wazoo. (That's where the other Imagineers thought it came from, too.) By this point, Walt had added Davis, Coats, and Atencio to the team. All of them had their individual ideas to pitch to Walt. Then came that infamous episode in late fall, 1964 (summarized two posts ago), in which Walt made it crystal clear to everyone working on the attraction that he really liked Rolly's nightmarish creations and wanted them incorporated into the finished project in the form of a "Museum of the Weird." The Museum never happened, of course, and it's difficult to know exactly how all of this surreal material was going to be used in the house itself. Heck, Rolly freely admits that he himself didn't know, which is why Walt had to find a solution to the problem.
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Imagineer Rolly Crump remembers his early years with Disney

Legendary Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump has kicked off a weekly column describing his early years with the company. This week: How Walt Disney's incapacity to remember his name turned "Roland" into "Rolly," with a brief detour through "What's His Name."
I'd been sitting in on meetings with Walt for over a year when all of a sudden he started calling me Owen.

I finally figured out that the reason he called me Owen was because there was a writer who wrote for the live action pictures and his name was OWEN Crump. I think Walt mixed up his Owen and his Roland.

So I was Owen Crump for awhile, and then I became Orland. I don't know where that came from. I spoke with Walt's daughter one time and she said that Walt always had trouble with names.

But as far as I was concerned, Walt could call me whatever he wanted.

The coup de grace happened one day when Walt and I were in a meeting with Yale Gracey to talk about The Haunted Mansion. Walt turned to Yale and said, "I want you to work on the Mansion together with [and here he pointed to me] What's His Name".

So I became "What's His Name', which I got a big kick out of.

The Truth of the Matter Is (Thanks, Bob!)  The genius of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump - Boing Boing Imagineer Rolly Crump's guided audio tour of Disneyland - Boing Boing Haunted Mansion/Tiki Room Imagineer Rolly Crump behind-the-scenes ... Read the rest

The genius of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump

Rolly Crump, the Disney Imagineer who Kevin Kidney wrote about on Dinosaurs and Robots, drew these incredible beatnik posters in 1960. Here's one, here's another. (I like the sound of the Weed Quartet: "Lou blows Kazoo," "Turk on the Twig," "Betty bangs Tambourine," and "Booboo on the Bottle.")

Here's Rolly Crump's Tower Of The Four Winds, a 120 foot tall kinetic sculpture unveiled at the 1964 New York World's Fair

And just look at the Disneyland ticket booth for Tomorrowland that Crump designed in 1967.

Jason Groh has some more outstanding 1960s work by Crump. Says Groh, "Rolly was Tim Burton before there was a Tim Burton!"

Here's Rolly Crump's website. He's still creating wonderful art! Read the rest

Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansion themed Hallowe'en parade

Kirby sez,
Ricky at Inside the Magic has a video of Disney's Haunted Halloween Parade at Tokyo Disneyland.

All of the floats have Haunted Mansion themes - even obscure stuff like the Rolly Crump designed overstuffed easy chair with the face worked into the design. Another float has the Ballroom's Organ as the major design element. The Knight from just outside the endless hallway is represented by 4 cast members. The bride is a chipmunk character. Another float has a giant representation of the skeletal arm with a trowel bricking himself into his own tomb.

A phalanx of Haunted Mansion maids leads the parade. Ghosts from the Mickey Mouse cartoon "Lonesome Ghosts" pepper the entire parade.

The song that accompanies the parade is called "One More Ghost" in reference to the need to find that 1000th ghost that the Mansion needs.

The show stop at the end of the parade features the Japanese Ghost Host voice with various riffs off of the Grim Grinning Ghosts theme.

MP4 Link, Inside the Magic podcast (Thanks, Kirby!) Read the rest

Fan documentaries on classic theme-park rides

The Extinct Attractions Club makes fan-documentaries about classic and extinct theme-park attractions and sells them on DVD:
America Sings historical DVD featuring interviews with Alice Davis, Marc Davis, and Jeff Burke. (History of America Sings with interviews and a look at Carousel of Progress)

The Haunted Mansion Story Vol. 1 historical DVD featuring interviews with Disney legends: X Atencio, Thurl Ravenscroft, Alice Davis and Rolly Crump on this DOUBLE DVD

Natures Wonderland (Mine Train) -Big Thunder MTN. DVD featuring a interview with the voice of Natures Wonderland and Big Thunder as well as Alice Davis discussing the never built Western River ride and Tony Baxter on Thunder Mountain.

Mission To Mars / Flight to the Moon DVD ride history and ride through with Alien Encounter! Plus bonus audio and more!

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Imagineering head on Tiki Room rehab

A Laughing Place message-board poster ran into Marty Sklar, the head of Disney Imagineering, at Disneyland's Tiki Room, and had a conversation about the upcoming Tiki Room refurb:
We talked briefly about The Tiki Room, about John Hench and Rolly Crump, and he confirmed the rehab, the roof being in particularly bad shape, and that the birds need a pretty extensive rehab.

'They used to bring the birds up to Imagineering and we'd refurbish them. Now, they do them here, and not often enough,' he said.

The Cast Member who introduced the show did an excellent job, she just did the spiel with enthusiasm and professionalism.

As we were walking out, I walked past Marty Sklar and he said 'It's still a good show isn't it?'

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