Hacker explains one concept in 5 levels of difficulty

What is computer hacking? In this Wired video, computer security researcher and hacker Samy Kamkar explains the concept to five people, starting with a bright 9-year-old child, then a 13-year-old,  then a computer science college major,  then a computer science PhD student,  and finally an assistant professor.

Usbdriveby: horrifying proof-of-concept USB attack

Samy Kamkar has a proof-of-concept attack through which he plugs a small USB stick into an unlocked Mac OS X machine and then quickly and thoroughly compromises the machine, giving him total, stealthy control over the system in seconds, even reprogramming the built-in firewall to blind it to its actions.

Evercookie: a tracking browser cookie you can't delete

Samy Kamkar, an open source developer whose motto is "think bad, do good" has released an API called "evercookie." Evercookie sets a nigh-undeletable tracking cookie in your browser, storing the information in eight separate ways; if you try to delete it but leave even one copy of the data around, it will repopulate itself using that last shred. — Read the rest