This Day in Blogging History: Ox-stunning Seth Godin book; Overhead luggage/chest-of-drawers-seat; CG fan-recreations of Yesterland rides

One year ago today

New Seth Godin book could stun an ox: At 800 pages and 19 lbs, this book is ridiculous. In a good way.

Five years ago today

Heavy-duty overhead luggage with a chest of drawers and a seat: It's got a built-in seat and internal, stacking drawer-like sub-luggages, and it fits into overheads. — Read the rest

Seth Godin: Apple won't sell ebooks that link to Amazon

David Weinberger sez, "Seth Godin reports that the Apple store is refusing to carry his new ebook, Stop Stealing Dreams, because it links the books it references to Amazon. Seth argues that the market dominance of a mere three ebook vendors, and the fact that the vendors of ebooks are also the vendors of ebook readers, imposes a special cultural obligation on them to be 'net neutral' (so to speak) about the content they sell." — Read the rest

Interview: Seth Godin


Seth Godin writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

Avi Solomon: You inspire millions of people. What inspires you?

Seth Godin: I would say that I'm inspired by two things.

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Seth Godin gives good advice to the music industry

Seth Godin has posted a transcript of a fantastic talk he gave to some music execs about the future of the music industry and the Internet. This is some good straight-shooting insight about what the music industry will never succeed at (suing fans) and what they could do instead (courting fans):

So if I put all this together I'm going to come up with what I call the Merchant Solution.

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"Obscure" podcasts worth checking out

On Facebook, my friend Joseph Pred asked his pals to recommend their favorite "obscure" podcasts, "Feel free to share even if it's on a niche topic or something weird. I like weird." He got some great responses, so I asked everyone if it was cool to share with you all. — Read the rest

Make tough decisions easier with a decision matrix

You decided to read this article on a whim, and I'm glad you did. Not all decisions require a decision matrix. I'm an author, so I use decision matrices to methodically decide what's going to happen in a story. After completing a decision matrix, I'm satisfied with my choice and I can concentrate on writing about the option I selected. — Read the rest

Coded: new documentary series on hackers

Seth Godin sends us this trailer for Coded, a new documentary series on hackers: "There's an invisible war being waged. And we're all part of it. Foreign governments are hacking major corporations. Major corporations are collecting massive amounts of consumer data. — Read the rest

Blogging History: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's hoover design; Bureaucracy-fu explains crappy airport food; MCM casemods

One year ago today

After torture, and between Harry Potter novels, CIA allowed KSM to design a vacuum cleaner: Would the spy agency allow Mohammed, who had earned his bachelor's in mechanical engineering, to design a vacuum cleaner?

Five years ago today

Talking to bureaucracies considered as a corporate fitness factor: Seth Godin eloquently describes the fitness factor that makes a restaurant suited to getting placement in an airport: they have to be run by corporations whose primary skill is dealing with bureaucracies. — Read the rest