Henning M. Lederer

Mesmerizing animations of 1960s science book op art covers

In the 1960s, book designers gave many science and psychology paperbacks glorious avant-garde and op art covers. Henning M. Lederer just released his second collection of animations of these fine book jackets! Below is the first, from 2015.

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Animations of trippy vintage paperback book covers

Fantastic vintage graphic, minimalist, and op art paperback covers animated by Henning M. Lederer. See the full video below. More GIFs over at Dangerous Minds! For the source material, check out the Julian Montague Project and Book Worship.

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Animation: Vaetxh's "Mass" by Henning M. Lederer

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Mechanical anatomy animation

Fritz Kahn's 1920/30's illustration "Der Mensch als Industriepalast" depicted the human body as a large, integrated industrial process. This video from Henning M Lederer animates Kahn's vision, really capturing the spirit of the mechanical metaphor for human anatomy.

Der Mensch als Industriepalast.

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