Harvey Weinstein's "life ruined", his lawyer complains

The life of reviled Hollywood sex pest and alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein is "ruined".

An attorney for Harvey Weinstein lamented that "his whole life has been ruined" and defended the accused serial sexual abuser and disgraced movie mogul against the more than 70 women — including former employees and Hollywood stars — who have accused him of sexual assault by blaming them instead.

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Exploring the world's ruined breweries

Here's a list of seven beautiful, ancient, rotting, abandoned breweries that have been successfully spelunked by intrepid urban explorers (photographic evidence of same is included). Certainly does fire the imagination!

Although we know the Brasserie Eylenbosch in Schepdaal, Belgium was built in 1851 and closed in 1989, there aren't too many other details floating around about the specifics of this building.

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Ruined Russian gangster's towering log cabin

This record-breaking, 13-storey log cabin was hand-built by a ruined Russian gangster as a summer place in Arkhangelsk. The towering fire-hazard is all that remains from his life of crime, and the city is threatening to tear it down on the basis that it threatens to take the whole suburb with it if it goes up in smoke. — Read the rest

Giant ruined castle in N Ireland photos

Here's a Flickr set of photos that Sasha took of Gosford Castle, a giant, haunting, abandoned castle in Northern Ireland. Sasha sez, "Plans have been made to restore it into apartments, a hotel, and a casino over the years, but they all failed and the castle has been empty since 1983. — Read the rest