BumperActive is live!

The BumperActive site is live and running: build your own bumper stickers (like this one), on the cheap at get them shipped to you as a one-off. Your friends (and people who see your sticker) can order more. Fund your charity! — Read the rest

Stephen King-themed, anti-Susan Collins merch from the Maine Democrats

The Maine Democratic Party has teamed up with the progressive sticker-and-more company Bumperactive (previously) to produce a line of Stephen King-themed, anti-Susan Collins merch, with proceeds going to unseat the Republican Senator whose repeated acts of cowardice (especially during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings) demonstrated that she had no commitment to either her stated principles or the people of Maine. — Read the rest

WATCH: insane mashup Xmas special

Kyle sez, "Bumperactive custom sticker shop presents a curated selection of Yuletide media ephemera spanning six decades: The 2014 Holiday BUMPERJAM! Skeletor learns the true meaning of Christmas? Check. Santa vs. The Martians? Check. Nutmeg?! CHECK. When all else is lost and Christmas needs saving, the BUMPERJAM is 100% Guaranteed to change the subject."

Obama bumper stickers for every state

Kyle from Bumperactive sez,

I wanted to do something to graphically illustrate the way Obama is a new kind of candidate, so I've launched the "50 Ways To Vote Obama" project, where I'm designing a different Barack Bumper Sticker for each state in the Union.

Read the rest

ReasonableAgreement.org – the anti-EULA

Welcome to ReasonableAgreement.org — where we make mincemeat of End User License Agreements. As you move through space, as you look at the Web, when you buy things, when you travel, it's increasingly the case that you end up making "agreements" to give up your rights. — Read the rest

Bruce Sterling's bumper-sticker designs

Kyle sez, "I commissioned Bruce Sterling to develop some bumper sticker concepts for my make-your-own-bumper-sticker site, and he came up with six pretty cool ones. He also gave me a great interview touching on spimes, cyberpunk, and the 'Centipede' scandal he's been blogging." — Read the rest

Scans of GOP "Bible to be banned" scare-literature

Kyle sez, "I called the Arkansas Kerry headquarters and managed
to get some scans of the GOP flier that's making the rounds,
declaring that the Bible will be BANNED if the liberals win.
Same-sex marriage, of course, will be ALLOWED. Thought folks
might like to actually see the pics that everyone's talking about
— I haven't seen 'em anywhere else yet." — Read the rest

Mullets. Copyright. Beer.

Beer behemoth Miller Brewing Co. is suing an L.A.-based clothes manufacturer for copyright infringement and brand dilution. The problem? Parodical T-shirts that riff off the Miller slogan, bearing messages like "It's Mullet Time" and "Mullet Low-life." The shirts are available at stores including The Buckle and Nordstrom (where you can buy by them online, for now). — Read the rest