Stephen King-themed, anti-Susan Collins merch from the Maine Democrats

The Maine Democratic Party has teamed up with the progressive sticker-and-more company Bumperactive (previously) to produce a line of Stephen King-themed, anti-Susan Collins merch, with proceeds going to unseat the Republican Senator whose repeated acts of cowardice (especially during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings) demonstrated that she had no commitment to either her stated principles or the people of Maine. There are four graphics in all: "Trump as Pennywise the Clown, Susan Collins in 'Debt Sematary', Susan as Jack Nicholson from The Shining, and of course, Stand By ME," available as tees ($30), posters ($25 or $45 for four) and vinyl stickers ($4 for 2 or all four for $15). Read the rest

Beatles Remix Tee: Elizabeth & Hillary & Ruth & Michelle!

Kyle from Bumperactive writes, "The Texas Democratic Party has released an amazing new t-shirt celebrating four of the strong women at the forefront of the national party: Elizabeth & Hillary & Ruth & Michelle!" The iconic portrait series is, of course, a remix of photographer Richard Avedon's classic psychedelic portraits of The Beatles. Whether or not you find it mind-bending that one of America's two major parties embraces powerful female voices in leadership roles across all branches of government, this tee is a trip to the future! Read the rest

Dumptrump: your poop emoji/Trump mashup

Available as tees and diecut stickers at Bumperactive. Read the rest

Tees, stickers and totes to benefit NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

Kyle from Bumperactive writes, "NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has a new tee supporting reproductive rights in the Lone Star State: "Texas, We Need To Talk About The Elephant In The Womb" -- a sly dig at the sharply partisan politics that drive the anti-choice movement." Read the rest

WATCH: insane mashup Xmas special

Kyle sez, "Bumperactive custom sticker shop presents a curated selection of Yuletide media ephemera spanning six decades: The 2014 Holiday BUMPERJAM! Skeletor learns the true meaning of Christmas? Check. Santa vs. The Martians? Check. Nutmeg?! CHECK. When all else is lost and Christmas needs saving, the BUMPERJAM is 100% Guaranteed to change the subject." Read the rest

Smoke-a-Bowl tees commemorate a Superbowl between two legal pot states, and raise money for NORML

Kyle from Bumperactive writes, "On February 2, Washington and Colorado, the first two States to legalize recreational marijuana, compete in... The Smoke-A-Bowl! Bumperactive is celebrating the historic event with a special edition of three Smoke-A-Bowl IVXX tees, and a sticker set. $5.00 from the sale of every tee, and $2.00 from every sticker pack, benefits the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). 'Cause it ain't just about feelin' groovy. It's also about ending half a century of disastrous and inhumane drug control policy. We're 4% of the way there. Orders ship via USPS next business day!" Read the rest

Come and Take It uterus tees to support Texas Planned Parenthood

Kyle from Bumperactive sez, "Support the thousands of Texans standing for Women's Reproductive Freedom at the State Capitol this morning with a 'Come And Take It' Uterus tee, printed by Austin printshop Bumperactive and designed by liberal Texas troublemakers Cole Latimer and Carrie Collier-Brown. $12.00 from the sale of each $25.00 benefits Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas and The Texas Democratic Party in an equal split. The design is riff on the famous flag of the Texian Settlers in the first battle of Texas Revolution. The imprint is a one-color screen-print on a Texas Orange pre-shrunk Gildan tee."

Come And Take It

(Thanks, Kyle!) Read the rest

Obama bumper stickers for every state

Kyle from Bumperactive sez,

I wanted to do something to graphically illustrate the way Obama is a new kind of candidate, so I've launched the "50 Ways To Vote Obama" project, where I'm designing a different Barack Bumper Sticker for each state in the Union.

I've got stickers for 18 States so published so far (with 10-or-so more on the drawing board) And I'm actively seeking suggestions from the intertoobs to complete the series by the end of July.


(Thanks, Kyle!) Read the rest

ReasonableAgreement.org - the anti-EULA

Welcome to ReasonableAgreement.org -- where we make mincemeat of End User License Agreements. As you move through space, as you look at the Web, when you buy things, when you travel, it's increasingly the case that you end up making "agreements" to give up your rights. For example, by installing software, you might give up the right to sue the company that made it if it didn't work. Or by subscribing to an online music service, you might give up your right to loan the songs you buy to a friend. When you install a game like World of Warcraft, you agree to install spyware on your computer. When you sign your credit-card slip at Best Buy or Fry's, you waive all kinds of rights you get under consumer protection law.

Who knows if this stuff is enforceable? The case law is all over the place. What if you're under-age? Drunk? Using someone else's computer -- do you agree on your parents' behalf when you install software at their place over the holidays?

Frankly, it's all bullshit. The way the system should work is, you buy something, you own it. The law of the land governs your interactions with the seller. What's the point of having a consumer-protection law if all it takes to get around it is to announce that you've agreed to waive your rights by buying something? If consumer protection laws don't protect people who buy stuff, whom do they protect?

That's not to say that we can't have reasonable agreements -- like when you and your boss sit down and draw up your employment contract, negotiating the terms on which you'll work. Read the rest

Stickers to benefit the Crawford Peace House in Dubya's hometown

Bumperactive, makers of fine, progressive and geeky bumper-stickers, have entered into a partnership with the Crawford Peace House, an anti-war center in George W Bush's hometown of Crawford, TX. Bumperactive is selling stickers in support of the Peace House, with 22.5% of the revenue going to the Peace House.


(Thanks, http://www.bumperactive.com"Kyle!) Read the rest

Goatses in the media

After one brief look at Goatse, your brain is scarred forever. You can't help but see Goatse again and again -- in ads, photos, logos, and so on. Here are a few that have been submitted to Boing Boing this week:

Superman advertisement.

Tour de Goatse (three handed!)

Flickr downtime Goatse contest entry

AOL member retention goatse graphic (I think the hands were added on after the fact)

Intentional Goatse T shirt

Reader comments:

Keith says:

I couldn't help but notice the flickr downtime goatse. Note that I did one as well, but I was more creative with mine. It's a double-goatse. The one you have posted didn't exactly follow the rules. The image had 2 circles.

Kyle says:

God bless Boing Boing for doing more than anybody for populating the Goatse meme into the mainstream conciousness -- though the mainstream conciousness will never be able to acknowlege the goatsiliciousness of this fact.

I wanted to pass on a link to some goatse bumper stickers Bumperactive developed a while back. We did something pretty innovative, I think, which is create special "cut-out" stickers with a hollow oval in the center, which is being "gripped" by the receiver. The idea is, you can use the stickers to guerilla goatse anything.

Also, there's Condi/Goatse '08. Which is on my car at the moment, in fact.

Magnus says:

This one is a little far-fetched, but as you wrote, "you can't help but see Goatse again and again"...

Lawrence says:

Here's a pic of "Mr.

Read the rest

NYT remix: just the headline and last paragraph

The funny folks at BumperActive (who did the Free the Mouse and "I )( WiFi" stickers) have a new mashup project with the New York Times. They scrape the NYT new stories feed, and republish just the headline and the last paragraph, a kind of skip-to-the-punchline approach to news that is surprisingly effective, though sometimes a little surreal.

Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit: "Spending has not been restrained," Mr. Riedl said. "One hundred percent of the reduced deficit is because taxpayers are sending more money to Washington."

U.S. to Negotiate Russian Storage of Atomic Waste: But the report also cited such an agreement as a way to foster cooperation on securing spent fuel and providing nuclear energy to nonnuclear nations seeking to develop their own enrichment facilities.

Ally Warned Bush on Keeping Spying From Congress: A spokesman for Mr. Negroponte's office said he had not yet replied to the complaint.

At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust: "I think men do better out in the world because they care more about the power, the status, the C.E.O. job," Mr. Kohn said. "And maybe society holds men a little higher."

Link Read the rest

We're allowed to take pix at Fourbucks, apparently

Kyle from BumperActive called Starbucks today to find out why we're not allowed to take pix there. Apparently, we are. I wonder if they'd put it in writing?

So today I call Starbucks Public Affairs Senior Specialist Sanja Gould to ask her the what gives. She said:

"Starbucks does not have a photo policy for the general public. Our policy is not to allow media to photograph within our stores without prior approval from our media relations marketing team."

Regular, private individuals, walking in and taking snap shots, that's not the media, correct?


What's up with all these managers kicking people out of the stores for taking pictures?

"While I'm sure every instance is different, I can't comment about that because I haven't been able to talk to the managers involved. I can tell you what our policy is, and our policy is for the media only."


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BumperActive is live!

The BumperActive site is live and running: build your own bumper stickers (like this one), on the cheap at get them shipped to you as a one-off. Your friends (and people who see your sticker) can order more. Fund your charity! Express your PoV pithily! Put stickers on things!

The sticker design here -- I WarChalk WiFi -- is the first sticker I put on my new laptop. I get tons of compliments on it.

(Funny stuff: Kyle from BumperActive has put together a table in which he catalogs all the celebrities who did "Got Milk?" ads and also took a public stance on the war.)



(Thanks, Kyle!) Read the rest

Free "Free the Mouse" stickers

BumperActive is giving away free "Free the Mouse" bumper-stickers to help the world show its support for the Eldred case, where Larry Lessig is fighting to repeal the repeated extension of copyright every time Mickey Mouse's earliest films are in danger of entering the public domain. I wish I had a car, but failing that, I'm happy to make this the first sticker on my new iBook.



(Thanks, Kyle!) Read the rest