Bill Willingham's plan to put his comic book series "Fables" in the public domain gets murky

Last week I wrote an item about comic book writer Bill Willingham's announcement that he has put Fables, the comic book series about fairy tale characters that he created and is published by DC Comics, in the public domain. He claimed to be the undisputed owner of the copyright, but said that DC Comics was grabbing rights he didn't think they were entitled to. — Read the rest

Fables: Cubs in Toyland

Bill Willingham's amazing graphic novel series Fables is one of those unbelievably, game-changingly epic series, one where I'm just as excited to get a peek at the edges of the world and the backstory of the characters as I am to see how the grand sweep of the plot turns out. — Read the rest

Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland

Fables creator Bill Willingham continues his impossible run of prolific, high-quality, highly varied stories based on the idea that all the fables, myths and stories of the world are secretly true, and that they all live together, hidden among the real, "mundy" world. — Read the rest

Fables Super Team: turning the Silver Age superhero inside out to find the fables within

The sixteenth collected volume in Bill Willingham's long-running Fables series is Fables Super Team, and Willingham uses the volume to demonstrate his absolutely catholic approach to mythmaking and storytelling. The Fables, faced with an impossible fight, decide to plumb new mythologies to find ways of overcoming the odds, and hit on the idea of creating an archetypal, X-Men style Super Team. — Read the rest

Fables 10: the Good Prince: fairyland's armies mass for the final (?) battle

The tenth collection of Fables comics, "The Good Prince" (and its companion volume, The Bad Prince) continues to delight with its thoroughgoing exploration of one of the better conceits in comics today. Fables is the long-running, multiple-award-winning comic series in which every legendary being of every land — and all of the elements of storytelling, like the pathetic fallacy — are exiled to earth by a cruel and conquering emperor. — Read the rest

Arnold's Fables: What Koko Wants

My friend Dale Dougherty (editor and publisher of Maker Media) sent this to me for Boing Boing. He writes:

I just completed two plus hours of training in the prevention of sexual harassment. Thanks to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's flirtatious ways in his he-man days, California has a law (AB 1825) that "requires employers with more than 50 people to provide 2 hours of training and education to all supervisory employees." — Read the rest

Jack of Fables: great new Fables collection

Jack of Fables: The (Nearly) Great Escape is the latest collection from my beloved Fables comic-book serial. The Fables books tell the story of the magical creatures of storybooks who were banished to Earth when "The Adversary" — a brutal conqueror — enslaved their homelands. — Read the rest