Throwback video of Daily Show's response to Anti-Asian "comedy" piece on Fox News

Fox News harbored sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly, whose offensive show pandered to the gaggle of dopes his former network still attracts. The pre-2016 presidential election segment featuring correspondent Jesse Watters going to New York's Chinatown to denigrate and ridicule the Asian-American people living there, and the Daily Show's Ronny Chieng's response, was revisited recently in this current time of hate received by Asians. — Read the rest

"They're gonna come after Bible characters next," says Fox News' Bill Hemmer

After the communists chuck former US presidents down the memory hole, they'll go after your beloved "characters" from the Bible (Og! — Read the rest

Fox News confirms Ted Cruz traveled to Cancun as millions suffer in deadly Texas winter storm

Ted Cruz took an awfully short vacation to Cancun, Mexico while his constituents are without power and water and literally dying of the cold. Cruz and his family reportedly left just yesterday, yet a flight upgrade list (which shows the first letter of a passenger's first name and the last three letters of their last name) indicates an "R. — Read the rest

Queer romance was removed from 2011's Mass Effect 2 to appease Fox News

Bioware's 2011 game Mass Effect 2 features Jack, a woman who hints at pansexual relationships but will only romance the player if they're playing a man. It's because they removed the option in fear of a conservative media backlash. []

Here's the game's writer Brian Kindregan, interviewed by Cian Maher:

"Mass Effect had been pretty heavily and really unfairly criticized in the US by Fox News, which at the time… maybe more people in the world thought that there was a connection between reality and what gets discussed on Fox News," Kindregan continues.

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Parents of Seth Rich reach undisclosed settlement with Fox News, lawsuit charged cable newser with exploiting 27 year old DNC staffer's death

Fox News and the parents of slain Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich confirm they have reached a settlement today.

No public apology and no financial or other details offered.

The parents of 27-year-old Seth Rich said in their lawsuit against Fox News that the cable news company exploited their son's death. — Read the rest

Fox News poll finds Biden leads Trump on "mental soundness"

In an election season featuring two septuagenarians and a week where Donald Trump (in his self-incriminating way) accused rival Joe Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs, it stands to reason that "mental soundness" would end up a question on polls. Fox News found that Biden leads Trump on "mental soundness" by four points, reflecting his five-point lead in voting intentions. — Read the rest

Fox News host falsely claims Bannon's arrest is a "deep state" conspiracy

Steve Bannon might look like a fraudster who got arrested on a boat, but Fox News bloviator Lou Dobbs insists that he is in fact the target of a "Deep State" conspiracy.

Addressing the story on his show on Thursday night, Dobbs, one of Donald Trump's favorite Fox hosts, said Bannon "was arrested this morning, not by the FBI or US Marshals but by inspectors of the US Postal Service while Bannon was cruising aboard a mega yacht, owned by a Chinese billionaire.

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