Fox News tells Marjorie Taylor Greene to take a hike

Georgia's nefarious congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene is just furious that Fox News treated her like a stand-in for Trump, and barred her and her colleagues from participating in a post-debate panel ostensibly clowning about the Republican candidates for president.

Trump didn't show up, so why would Fox let his "surrogates" speak? — Read the rest

Larry Elder warns RNC and Fox News of $100 million fines if he's not "up on that stage" tonight (video)

Republican candidate Larry Elder, furious that he didn't make the cut for tonight's debate, traveled to Milwaukee anyway, where he threatened Fox News and the RNC with $100 million fines.

"If by 2:00 I am not determined to be up on that stage, we're going to file this complaint with the FEC that could cause the RNC to incur a fine of $100 million," said the disgruntled radio host today, giving his ultimatum outside the debate venue. — Read the rest

Fox News reaction to Trump's 4th indictment: "Donald Trump is in a pickle" (video)

The Fox News reaction to Donald Trump's fourth indictment yesterday sums up the completely delusional and out-of-touch mindset of the Republican party.

"Donald Trump is in a pickle," host Steve Doocy said, as if Trump had absent-mindedly sent Melania a bouquet of flowers with another woman's name on the card, or accidentally called one of the plumbers he stiffed on the last job. — Read the rest

Fox News sends Tucker Carlson a cease-and-desist letter — "Carlson will not be silenced by anyone"replies his lawyer

Fox News, none too please with ousted host Tucker Carlson's new Twitter show, has sent him a cease-and-desist letter. Perhaps the network was triggered when they found out their former conspiracy theorist received a total of 169 million views [oops, see update below] for his first two episodes, which compete with Fox's misinformation. — Read the rest

Is Tucker Carlson a saint? Is Fox News part of the New World Order? Some on the right think so.

Comedian-turned-right-wing "freedom warrior" JP Sears, a conspiritualist peddling everything from clothes to life coaching to supplements, offers an insight into how the wellness grifter/MAGA/QAnon crowd are spinning the Tucker Carlson firing. Sears released a new video recently in his "JP Reacts" series, called "What really happened with Tucker Carlson," where he praises Carlson like a saint, speculates about why Carlson was fired from Fox News, and describes why he believes Fox News is part of an elite global cabal that is trying to silence freedom fighters and truth tellers. — Read the rest

Fox News v. Dominion trial delayed. "Things happen," says the judge

In the case of Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News Network, there will be a brief delay before the trial begins. In a four-minute hearing, the judge said "Things happen" and not much else.

Fox has also accused Dominion of generating "noise and confusion" around the case, stating, "the core of this case remains about freedom of the press and freedom of speech, which are fundamental rights afforded by the Constitution," specifically the First Amendment.

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