World Scout Jamboree turns into scouting version of Fyre Festival

The World Scout Jamboree, held in South Korea and attended by more than 40,000 youth from 155 countries, has turned into an utter debacle, as thousands of Scouts have gotten sick from excessive heat and a COVID-19 outbreak. News from over the weekend revealed that the event quickly devolved into a kind of nightmare scenario that sounds to me a lot like the Scouting version of Fyre Festival. — Read the rest

Fyre Festival fraudster sentenced to six years in federal prison

Billy McFarland, the 26 year old con-artist who organized a disastrous Bahamas music festival in 2017 was sentenced to six years in federal prison on multiple counts of fraud. Ticket buyers who paid $12,000 had been promised a "first class" experience on a private island with yacht rides, gourmet meals, supermodels, and luxury villas but instead received school bus shuttles, cheese slices on bread, feral dogs, disaster relief tents and no musical performances. — Read the rest

Leaked Fyre Festival documents reveal "logistical nightmare"

This can't be good for Fyre Media co-founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule: leaked emails and documents show that organizers were not only grossly incompetent, they didn't seem to particularly care that the Fyre Festival was doomed.

From Mic:

In an urgent April 3 email with the subject line, "RED FLAG- BATHROOMS/ SHOWER SHIPPING," a mid-level Fyre Festival worker alerted senior staff, including 25-year-old co-founder Billy McFarland and Fyre Media president Conall Arora, of a growing crisis: the unexpectedly high costs (estimated to be at least $400,000) of shipping enough toilets and showers to the Bahamas to accommodate an anticipated 2,500 people on the island.

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$12k-a-ticket Fyre Festival tells staff they're not going to be paid

The organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival— which charged $12,000 a ticket, splurged the proceeds on celebrity endorsements and other bullshit, failed to prepare the site in time for the rich kids flying there, then delayed the event as they went feral at the half-finished event site in the Bahamas, then flew them all home—has informed staff they will not be paid. — Read the rest

$12,000-a-ticket luxury Fyre Festival in Bahamas descends into a Lord of the Flies dystopia

Fyre Festival was advertised as a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. But promises of a private chartered flight to the island, gourmet meals, private glamping tents, yacht cruises, gourmet catering, and an all-star concert performance line-up "quickly turned into a terrifying B-movie, with flocks of Instagram models forced to seek shelter in an airport after arriving to discover a lack of food, violent locals, appalling accommodation and feral dogs roaming the grounds," reports The Telegraph. — Read the rest

FYRE Fest for kids — "Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience" leads to tears and anger

Glasgow Willy Wonka Event Ends in Disappointment and Chaos

A "Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience" in Glasgow ended in disappointment and chaos. Tickets were sold for £35 each, with promises of "captivating live performances featuring charming characters singing orginal catchy tunes. Marvel at extraordinary props, oversized lollipops, and a paradise of sweet treats… Brace yourself for an adventure that will leave you spellbound!" — Read the rest