"Seeing your child learn this way is painful" — Redmond Mayor responds to daughter's viral antisemitic behavior

On November 10, I posted an item to Boing Boing titled, "Giggling woman removes Israeli kidnapping victims' posters in viral video; speculation links her to Redmond mayor." It included a video showing a woman, allegedly the daughter of Redmond, Washington's mayor, removing posters of kidnapped Israelis from a USC building and laughing when questioned about it. — Read the rest

Giggling woman removes Israeli kidnapping victims' posters in viral video; speculation links her to Redmond mayor

A video circulating on social media featuring a woman removing posters with photos of kidnapped Israeli victims at the University of Southern California (USC) has gone viral. The New York-based nonpartisan organization, Stop Antisemitism, claims it has identified the woman as the daughter of Redmond, Washington mayor Angela Birney. — Read the rest

Ontario cop convicted of drug trafficking and raping an unconscious woman still has his $120k-a-year job and has been on paid leave for 8 years

Ontario Provincial Police constable Jason Redmond filmed himself raping an unconscious woman and tried to justify it by saying it was to illustrate the dangers of alcohol. He's to be sentenced in April.

Redmond told her about what he'd done – that he had sex with her while she was passed out, that he knew she wasn't aware of it, and that he had recorded it on his phone.

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Framework's repairable, upgradeable 16-inch laptop taken apart (and reassembled)

Sean Hollister exclusively paws at Framework's 16-inch laptop, which offers premium style and form but also a level of user access–to repair, upgrade and customize–you'll never see out of Cupertino or Redmond. A game-credible GPU the (Radeon RX 7700S) is available, and even the ports and speakers are modular: "It's an immediate joy for tinkerers like me," he writes. — Read the rest

"Close clinics and let patients pick up methadone at a real pharmacy"

Pharmaceutical capitalism and the criminalization of addiction puts evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction out of reach for many people. Profit motives and punishment are not perspectives that lend themselves to healing and/or safe communities.

This "Issue Brief" from PEW Charitable Trust, explains "Opioid treatment programs (OTPs) are the only health care facilities that can offer patients all three forms of FDA-approved medication for opioid use disorder (OUD): methadone, buprenorphine, and injectable extended-release naltrexone. — Read the rest