Seattle cops announce registry for high-risk swatting targets

The Seattle Police Department, having coped with two (thankfully) nonlethal swatting incidents since June, has announced a registry where people worried they might be swatted (previously) can sign up; the registry is a modification of the existing, third-party, private-sector Smart911 system, and the SPD says that if your name is on it, they will tread extra-carefully in evaluating SWAT-like reports of hostage-taking, active shooters and other high-risk crimes at your home or office. — Read the rest

16 year old Canadian arrested for over 30 "swattings"

A 16-year-old Canadian male has been arrested for calling in over 30 "swattings," bomb threats and other hoax calls to emergency services in North America. The young man is alleged to be the operator of @ProbablyOnion on Twitter, which had previously advertised swattings (sending SWAT teams to your enemies' homes by reporting phony hostage-takings there, advising police that someone matching your victim's description is on the scene, armed and out of control) as a service, and had bragged of swatting computer crime journalism Brian Krebs twice. — Read the rest

"Computer-generated" hoax calls claiming active shooters send Pittsburgh-area schools into chaos

Calls claiming active shooters in Pittsburgh-area schools are hoaxes, said state police Wednesday morning, describing them as "computer generated" and saying there is no evidence of shooting or shooters at any of the claimed locations.

Coming days after a mass shooter in Nashville killed three children and three teachers at a private school there, local authorities in Pittsburgh and nearby towns are nonetheless taking no chances: heavily armed officers were seen patrolling Central Catholic, Hopewell, Chalfont and Oakland Catholic school, among others; they and nearby businesses are reportedly in lockdown. — Read the rest

The Bisbee fly-catching contest of 1912

If you've ever been to Bisbee, Arizona in the summer, and have eaten outside, you know that flies love summer in Bisbee as much as the locals and visitors do. The fly problem isn't new – it goes way back, and in the summer of 1912, the Commercial Club in Bisbee came up with a way to try to control the flies. — Read the rest

USB rechargeable flying insect electrocuter

If you've ever used one of these electric flyswatters, you already know they work. Mine finally broke so I upgraded by getting this USB-charging zapper with an LED for swatting in the dark. Amazon has it on sale right now for: [amazon_link asins='B06WW6831F' template='PriceLink' store='boingboing' marketplace='US' link_id='b8a78358-025d-4b01-8933-ff93efbe1f4f'].

Serial swatter off to jail for "at least 20 years"

Tyler Barriss, a serial hoaxer whose SWATting calls to 911 we've covered before, is off to jail. He'll serve at least 20 years, according to his plea deal, but won't be sentenced until January.

A California man has admitted making a hoax call that ultimately led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man following a dispute between online gamers over $1.50 bet in a Call of Duty WWII video game.

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News crew discovers 40 cellphone-tracking devices operating around DC

An NBC investigative journalism team and a security researcher went wardriving around the DC area with a cell-site-simulator detector that would tell them whenever they came in range of a fake cellphone tower that tried to trick their phones into connecting to it in order to covertly track their locations (some cell site simulators can also hack phones to spy on SMS, calls and data).