Kickstarting a two-book collection of Anthony "Tonky" Clune's street photos

For many years, we've brought you the delightful arts and crafts of Anthony "Tonky" Clune: beautiful felt housewares, giant wall-stickers, a short film about thrifting, cool reflective cycling safety badges and more. Read the rest

Kickstarting safety badges made with engineering-grade reflective film

Tonky (previously) has created a line of "Rydesafe" arty safety buttons made from an engineering-grade reflective film that he's Kickstarting. $5 gets you a button, $14 gets you a kit of four. I'm guessing they'll also dazzle flash-happy paparazzi! Read the rest

One-minute doc on a man's love for thrifted sweaters

Tonky sends us "Sweater Bender: A minutelong film about one Wisconsin man's love of St. Vincent De Paul and of used sweaters."

Sweater Bender

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Guy's American Kitchen: Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Loaded Blast

Matt Richardson says:

My partner and I like to partake in "novelty dining" occasionally. A few weeks ago, we went to Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, Food Network star Guy Fieri's restaurant in Times Square. Reading the names of the dishes on the menu made us cringe a bit, but the food was actually pretty good (I'll admit). Anyway, some wonderful individual bought the domain and created a satirical menu for the restaurant. I'll take the "Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Loaded Blast," please.


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Felt crafts: coasters, placemats, necklaces

Crafter Tonky has produced a lovely xmas line of laser-cut and die-cut felt: sunny-side-up egg placemats, olive-and-pimento coaster, and alphabet wall hangings and necklaces.

Tonky's Holiday FELT-stival

(Thanks, Tonky!)

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Giant wall stickers

Tonky sells huge, stylized vinyl wall-stickers featuring giant squids, cows, dino-skeletons, sea-horses, lamp-fish and pigs, in a variety of colors (as well as many other shapes).


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