SmartFilter censors Worth1000 photoshopping site

SmartFilter has added Worth1000, the photoshopping competition site, to its hit-list of sites that can be censored by its customers (who include several repressive governments that use SmartFilter's carelessly constructed blacklists to filter their entire countries). They've listed Worth1000 as "tasteless/gross." — Read the rest

Worth1000 + US Army = Saddam Photoshop psyops-fest?

Downright surreal. this Worth1000 contest — photoshopped goofy images of Saddam, done up as Rita Hayworth, next imagined as a porn star, then dressed in Billy Idol drag — is evidently being used by the US military in Iraq:

"Zsa Zsa Saddam" is one of a series spoof images of the ousted Iraqi dictator that are due to be posted on walls and billboards around his former stronghold of Tikrit by troops of the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Battalion 22nd Armoured Regiment.

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