Matt Hackett • Richtaur

Matt Hackett's Onslaught! is a HTML5-only game. Designed and coded with Geoff Blair, Matt also did the art. The music and sound is by Joshua Morse.

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Beat Boost

Sean Monahan • Homepage

Beat Boost into the right color fields--and perform front flips--without hitting the floor. Result: high scores. Each level is a visual representation of the track being played. Sean explains how: "To achieve this I converted each mp3 to a wav and then transcribed the wav to MIDI. The MIDI file is then used to generate the blocks in the level and determine the length."

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Zachary Johnson • Zachstronaut

Zachary's Infiltration was built with JavaScript and HTML5's canvas tag, but contains powerful lighting and blending effects normally the province of Flash -- a perfect showcase for plugin-free browser gaming.

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Bounty Hunter

By Owen Harris

Created in Unity (get the browser plugin), Owen's entry has artwork by Tom Moore and bespoke chiptune-style music by Andreuch O'Maonaigh.

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Arctic Trek

By Wesley Campbell

Inspired by Happiness in Winter by Gary Lee, Arctic Trek is a straightforward horizontally-scrolling shooter. To play you need to download the GameSalad browser Plug-in for Safari.

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Gobber Assault

Bill Meltsner • Meltsner.com

Bill Meltsner's Gobber Assault features the chiptune "Gobber Groove" from Disasterpeace's free album Neutralite, and artwork by Oddball and Oryx. Whack enemies, leap over blows, and steal their gear.

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Space Junk

Zachary Lewis • Kongregate Dev Page

With only a ghost crew and a disabled ship, the space captain's outlook is grim. Will he be able to survive on salvage, blasting away at all oncoming attackers, or will he just become more Space Junk? Created in Flash.

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Rapp Daniel • Rappdaniel.com

Posted by Swedish student Dan R. and inspired by Tettix's Earth's Assault on the Main AI, Flatwar was built using the HTML5 canvas tag, but works cross-browser.

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Doctor Popular & Team • Docpop

Built in HTML5, Knifetank is compatible with recent versions of Safari. Use the WASD keys to move; click the mouse button to fire; and switch on all the blocks on to move to the next level. It was created by Doctor Popular, Lilia Markham, Crashfaster, Mike Hales, Erik Swedberg and Brian Cronin. Read the dev diary!

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