• Watch: Bill Murray shows up unexpectedly at Washington Square Park with song and poetry

    Comedian Bill Murray surprised a lucky crowd at New York City's Washington Square park when he joined a cellist, violinist, and pianist to sing and read poetry. His performance included Westside Story numbers "I feel Pretty" and "America," and a reading of "Dog" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

    Check out the clips below:

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  • Napoléon's good luck charm could fetch $250 million or more at auction

    Mark February 4th on your calendar. That's when  Auction Company of America starts accepting bids on the Talisman of Napoléon Bonaparte, "an exceptional and exquisite artifact once owned by France's first emperor. The rare talisman, a hallmark of French history, includes a crystal sphinx that is encrusted with 114 royal jewels and a silver base that has been authenticated by leading experts in the field," according to the auction house.

    The auction house is pulling out the big guns to promote the "once-in-a-lifetime event," including "world-renowned entertainer" Pat Boone, and golf pros Jack Nicklaus and Nancy Lopez.

    "The Talisman of Napoléon Bonaparte is absolutely a unique treasure – and other than the Mona Lisa, I can't think of any true art object more intrinsically and obviously priceless," said Boone in a prepared statement. "Its own unique design identifies itself beyond any question. If there was an iota of a doubt, I wouldn't spotlight it myself."

    From the press release:

    In 2005, the talisman came into the possession of golf memorabilia collector Randy (G. Randall) Jensen, after he found the antiquity on eBay. Jensen ultimately traded a new set of PING golf clubs for the antiquity, and the artifact's new owner embarked on a six-year mission to uncover the secrets of the alluring object. Jensen poured himself into studying the captivating relic and Napoléon, resulting in countless hours of research and authentication by the world's leading experts in the field.

    "I found the [talisman] story fascinating, including the ties it has to golf and golf history," said Jack Nicklaus, golf legend and philanthropist. "Pat [Boone] has committed decades to philanthropy… Barbara and I were honored that he wanted to make a significant donation to the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation, and we look forward to being [at the event]."

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  • Lauren Boebert's overt antisemitism baffles Jewish Capitol visitors

    The darling of Colorado, US Representative Lauren Boebert's first thought upon seeing a group of folks wearing a yarmulke and dressed in traditional Jewish Orthodox style was that they must be doing "reconnaissance."


    "When I heard that, I actually turned to the person standing next to me and asked, 'Did you just hear that?'" a rabbi who was with the group told BuzzFeed News.

    "You know, I'm not sure to be offended or not," the rabbi said. "I was very confused." The rabbi added that "people are very sensitive" now, especially after what happened in Texas this past weekend, when an armed man held four people hostage at a synagogue.

    Boebert told BuzzFeed News that she was referencing the many comments that have been directed at her from Democrats about Capitol tours prior to the Jan. 6 attack, adding that some people present "got it."

    "I saw a large group and made a joke. Sadly when Democrats see the same they demonize my family for a year straight," she said in a text.

    "I'm too short to see anyone's yarmulkes," she added.

  • Watch live webcams from around the world on Skyline Webcams

    On SkylineWebcams you can people-watch from the comfort of your bed. I'm glad it's too blurry to see anyone's faces up close, because that would be a little bit creepy. Browse through the list of cameras to view places all around the world in real-time. There are webcams for all sorts of places from populated areas like Times Square to remote areas in national parks. You can even snoop on volcanoes.

  • Dun, Dun Duuun! The mysterious past of the ubiquitous three notes of suspense

    Dun, Dun Duuun! Listen to it below. The three-note musical sting of suspense is everywhere and has seemingly been around forever. You can hear it on screen all the way back to Disney's Fantasia (1940) and in countless radio dramas before that. But where did it originate? From The Guardian:

    Suspense, an American horror show broadcast on CBS Radio between 1942 and 1962, was filled to the brim with sound effects and dramatic stings. Just over three minutes into its first episode (after bells, the sound of a train, and plenty of piano), a three-beat sting lingers on its last note when a man discovers his wife is potentially an undead poisoner. But it's difficult to pinpoint the very first on-air dun dun duuun, and it's likely the musical phrase predates the radio. [Media professor and Terror on the Air! author Richard] Hand says the medium tended to adopt already popular tropes to entice listeners. "They imported that musical structure and musical language," he says, pointing to Victorian stage melodramas.

    In fact, Patrick Feaster – an expert in the preservation of early sound media, and co-founder of the First Sounds Initiative – argues that dun dun duuun could have been a cliche long before the advent of radio drama. Though he doesn't know when or where the three duns arose, he points out that stings "that work in much the same way" appeared in the 1912 melodrama parody Desperate Desmond by comedian Fred Duprez.

    In a recording of the sketch which can be heard on the US Library of Congress website, Duprez mocks melodramas by telling a story and rebutting the incongruous sounds that play between the action (when a villain enters with a dramatic sting and a clip-clop, he exasperatedly says, "Not on a horse! Just on his feet!").

    Though the stings heard in this sketch are single duns (sans the follow -up dun and duuun), Feaster says: "It seems stinger chords must have been entrenched enough in melodrama by 1912 to invite parody." He guesses that the three-beat version may have then come to be preferred for satire, "because it's more conspicuous than a single all-at-once chord would be."

    image (edited): pathdoc/Shutterstock.com

  • Music For Drums is a performance by musician Gary Wilson from 1994 that appeared on public access television

    Music For Drums is an incredibly out-there performance by avant-garde musician Gary Wilson from 1994. It was directed by Bernie Allen and was streamed on public access TV. This wild performance features Gary in an uncanny hand-made mask and costume. At one point during this creation of combined music and performance art, he pulls a frowning life-sized doll out of the drum. I loved this little surprise. If only I could turn on my television right now and see more stuff like this.

  • Sounds of Earth is an ambient audio player where you can listen to nature sounds from around the globe

    On a website called Sounds of Earth, you'll find a 3D globe that you can spin in order to select and play various ambient nature sounds recorded from around the world. They're all quite relaxing, and great for peaceful background noise. The website was inspired by the phonograph records sent into space on NASA's 1997 Voyager 1 and 2 interstellar missions. The records contained a "Sounds of Earth" section, which included a range of natural sounds from our planet.

  • The Tom and Jerry fighting game that should have already existed Tom and Jerry fighting game Image

    Once Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the best-selling fighting game of all time, played the final cord in its encore and began to leave the stage, several other companies started efforts to clone its success. There have always been Smash Bros clones, but it wasn't until recently that major companies like Paramount and Warner Brothers thought about using their extensive library of characters to mimic the famed platform fighter. 

    Warner's impending attempt to cash in on the Smash bandwagon, known as Multiversus, will allow players to battle as iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Superman, and Shaggy in what looks like the world's most interactive commercial. Multiversus will also include Tom and Jerry on their roster, but the famously combative characters will be working as a team instead of rivals. That's pretty wack, man. Like millions of fans worldwide, I wanted to re-create the decades of splendid violence between the most famous cat and mouse duo in cartoons. I know it's a weird hill to die on, but I'm totally okay with that.

    Since we're seemingly never going to get a solid competitive fighting game for Tom and Jerry, this scene from Teen Titans Go! will have to serve as the next best thing. The artist behind the scene's creation, Hazen Becker from Instagram, shared the clip linked above. 

  • King of the Hill is getting a revival series King of the Hill Image

    Five years ago, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that streaming networks would revive Veronica Mars and Twin Peaks. Now we're facing the prospect of every show with even the most modest fandom getting a reboot. You can chalk it up to a lack of creativity in Hollywood or the modern obsession with nostalgia, but nothing stays dead in the world of media. Typically, I would view this through the eyes of cynicism, but Mike Judge just announced that King of the Hill is coming back and that just fills me with glee, I tell ya what. 

    Since its cancellation on Fox-to make room for the Cleverland Show, of all things–King of the Hill's brand of wit and social commentary has been sorely missed by millions. With the entrenched political division, host of wild conspiracy theories, and evolving social norms running rampant in America, the new King of the Hill will have no shortage of potent material to lampoon. 

  • Internet vending machines sell Web access in five minute increments

    In the Philippines, personal Internet access is far too expensive for many people. As a result, folks in rural areas and slums go online via pisonet machines—public vending machines that sell Internet access in five minute increments for one peso (approximately two US cents.) From Rest of the World:

    Even with coronavirus lockdowns and curfews, pisonet businesses are somehow surviving; schoolchildren are devoted clients, feeding in a stream of pesos to complete classwork or to lose themselves in multiplayer games. The machines crop up in the run-down alleyways of central Manila, where, according to various groups, an estimated 60% of people in low-income neighborhoods don't own laptops or smartphones.

    As the pandemic spread through the Philippines in early 2020, distancing meant that more people required an internet connection to pay bills, make transactions, study, and work. Its poorest residents weren't exempt, even if they didn't have the same access. When schooling morphed into what public officials called "blended learning," a mix of online lectures and printed-out modules, schoolchildren scrambled to pisonet machines, sometimes dropping in a peso and taking photos of their online syllabuses before rushing home to complete them[…]

    Pisonet machines have roots in the Philippine style of consumerism known as tingi, which refers to the practice of buying bit by bit, at need, rather than in advance. In the city, a reliable internet service can cost around 1,300 pesos (roughly $25) monthly — far too expensive for many residents to pay upfront. Rather, in the same way these Filipinos buy shampoo and cigarettes piecemeal, they have grown into the habit of consuming their internet a single use at a time.

    (via NextDraft)

    image: "First Peso Net on March 2010 Build by: Junaid Ibrahim" by Naidz24 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

  • Roasting coffee in a castiron pan

    Two great things come together!

    It only makes sense that you can roast coffee in a castiron pan. I could almost smell this post on Reddit within seconds of seeing the video.

    Here is a YouTube walking you through what is very, very simple. I am surprised I had never thought of this and always regarded home coffee roasting as needing specialized gear.

  • Gentleman steals car without noticing person napping in the back

    In Tiffin, Ohio, Justin M. Vaughn jacked a white Audi without realizing that another man was snoozing in the back seat. The passenger woke up and quietly texted police for help. From WTRF:

    Police say they were able to perform a slow-speed vehicle termination maneuver, to end the pursuit.

    Vaughn was taken into custody and charged with felony Agg robbery, Kidnapping, Theft of a motor vehicle, and fleeing & eluding police.

  • Learn how to manage your money like a pro with these $30 finance and accounting classes

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    You'll be instructed by professionals who have spent decades in the world of finance. That includes experts like CPA Robert Steele, who has been teaching regular folks about how to manage their money or become CPAs. With a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Udemy, he'll take you through the journey of money management, so uncork something and settle in.

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  • Stranded dog coaxed to safety with sausage on a drone

    A dog caught on a tidal sandbar was led to safety by a sausage hung from a drone.

    Millie disappeared after slipping her lead in Havant, Hampshire, and after frantic public appeals was spotted on the mudflats, in danger of being engulfed by the tide. She resisted efforts to encourage her to a safer spot until a drone pilot suggested attaching food to one of the unmanned aerial vehicles that had been used to track the dog.

    The heroes of the day are Denmead Drone Search and Rescue, which posted the above photo of the rescued pup, Millie, to its Facebook page. The search for Millie was quite a story!

    This would work on me too. Drone sausage: irresistable.

  • Mitch McConnell: "African-American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans"

    Yep, that's what he said. Video evidence below.

    Reporter: "What's your message for voters of color who are concerned that without the John L. Lewis Voting Rights Act they're not going to be able to vote in the midterm?"

    McConnell: "Well, the concern is misplaced, because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."

    (Thanks, UPSO!)

    image: Donkey Hotey / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

  • Jumping to 'Warp Speed' 1979-2021

    This fun retrospective of Star Trek jumps to warp speed is a lot of fun. I have to say I am partial the STTMP's far trippier hops to the beyond lightspeed space than I am with the flash of light and some stretchy ghosting of the more current eras.