• The time a hacker remotely bricked cars in Texas

    Even in the age of the Internet, buying a car can be an expensive, frustrating, and laborious process. It's even worse if you are unemployed or have limited resources. Fortunately, Texas Auto Center in Austin caters to just these customers, promising a car for everyone, "no matter if you have good credit, bad credit, a bankruptcy, repossession, or no credit at all." Of course when times are rough, people do get behind in their loan payments, and repossession rates at some dealerships run as high as 45 percent. Repossessing cars is never fun, either for those who are about to lose their primary means of transportation or for the dealers who have to send out a fleet of tow trucks in search of the car. These vehicles are often purposefully hidden by those who know they are facing repossession. When the repo man and his tow truck eventually come calling, tempers flare, and many repo men have been punched, kicked, spit upon, bitten, stabbed, and even shot to death trying to recover the dealer's property. Surely there had to be a better approach, and Texas Auto Center thought it had found just the solution.