Super low price on an Arduino clone starter kit

This kit comes with plenty of components to get you started learning how to use the Arduino electronics prototyping platform. It's at one of the lowest prices I've seen. If you don't know anything about Arduino and are curious, check out Tinkercad's Circuits website, which has an Arduino simulator. Read the rest

NYPD cop confiscates motorcycle for reckless driving, then drives it recklessly and crashes it

The New York Post reports: "An NYPD cop went on a wild dirt-bike ride in Harlem on Sunday afternoon — and injured himself when he tumbled off the bike and slammed into the road, video of the crash shows. The cop popped a wheelie, and then sped off into traffic on the bike on Lenox Avenue and 135th Street at about 6 p.m., according to the video and police."

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This fellow figured out how to get free hamburgers at McDonalds

Here's a guy demonstrating how to exploit a loophole in McDonald's menu. He used one of the video kiosks to order 10 burgers, priced at one dollar each. Then he customized the burgers by removing the beef patties from the order, which knocks $1.10 of the price of each dollar burger. Then he added one more dollar burger to the order, but kept the meat this time. The total price for the 10 patty-less burgers and one regular burger was zero dollars. Read the rest

Jails are replacing family visits with video chat

Jails around the country are replacing in-person visits with "video visitations," which means kids, parents,  and spouses of inmates won't be able to see each other in real life, only through a small video monitor. This depressing photo is from GTL, who provides video-visitation services to prisons. Read the rest

Texas prison inmate allergic to wool has been trying to get a cotton blanket for 10 years

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is fighting inmate Calvin Weaver's 10-year request for a blanket that doesn't cause "itching, open sores, and sleep deprivation resulting in hypertension and anxiety" according to a lawsuit Weaver has filed against the TDCJ.

From Reason:

Weaver's suit named five people as defendants: the warden of his unit, a unit supervisor, the executive director of the TDCJ, a medical doctor employed by the agency, and a manager at a prison unit medical practice. The warden and the executive director cannot be sued, Hoyt says, but the three other employees can, because Weaver claims they knew he had complained about his medical reaction to the blanket yet either ignored him or denied his requests for relief.

"Under the liberal reading required on a motion to dismiss, these allegations are sufficient to state a claim for deliberate indifference to Weaver's serious medical needs," Hoyt writes. Weaver cannot sue them for monetary damage in their official capacities as TDCJ employees, though he can seek damages "in their individual capacities."

It's hard to understand why prison officials would be so opposed to granting a man's simple request of a cotton blanket

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This comedian does a good impression of AOC

Comedian Alyssa Limperis did a great job impersonating AOC. Check out her Twitter feed for other funny videos.

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This gallery of mute buttons shows why voice chat apps should be push-to-talk

Dave Rupert put together a gallery of voice chat app screenshots, to show how the mute indicators are inconsistent across applications. For example, the mute indicators for the iPhone and Slack are almost opposite from each other. (See above).

He writes:

I hope you, dear reader, know by now that it’s a best practice to mute yourself if you’re not talking. Normally I’d say non-muters deserve public shaming but looking at this chart, it’s maybe not the non-muters’ fault. As you can see, the active mic indicator varies wildly. Sometimes it’s a microphone with a background fill, sometimes it’s a microphone with a slash, sometimes muted is treated as a background fill with a slash, sometimes the icon fills up with green when talking. It’s all even more confusing if someone is sharing out their screen and your entire UI disappears.

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Japanese react to weird ad depicting Asian woman getting aroused sniffing dirty clothes worn by white men

Hornbach, a German home-improvement chain made a TV commercial that shows a Japanese woman buying a bag of dirty clothes worn by white men from a vending machine, then becoming aroused when she sniffs the clothing. Asian Boss hit the streets of Tokyo to see what people there think of the ad.

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Get the Kindle edition of Frank Herbert's classic novel Dune at a bargain price

Dune is arguably the best-selling science fiction novel of all time. A first edition copy of Frank Herbert's 1965 epic novel of adventure, betrayal, and palace intrigue on the planet Arrakis is worth $10,000. Here's your chance to get the Kindle edition at a lower price.

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Here's Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game in 1978

Before Andy Kaufman played Latka Gravis on Taxi, he appeared in character on The Dating Game. Do you think he won the date?

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Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart electric pressure cooker on sale

The Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart electric pressure cooker is on sale at a low price today. I use my Instant Pot a few times a week or more (chili, yogurt, soup, stews, borscht). You can find tons of cookbooks with recipes designed for this versatile cooker.

One thing a make a lot is chicken curry. I cut up two packs of chicken thighs (10 thighs), add them to a quart of chicken stock, a bag of baby carrots, a can of coconut cream, a tablespoon of salt, a lot of crushed garlic, a tablespoon of curry powder, and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The meal takes 30 minutes to make. Read the rest

This chocolate Easter egg contains 10 pencil erasers

As Easter approaches, my mind naturally goes to pencil erasers, as I'm sure yours does, too. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

A limited edition, bean to bar craft chocolate Easter egg, handmade by the wonderful Pump Street Chocolate in Suffolk.

Each dark milk chocolate egg houses 10 new & vintage erasers. With 150g+ of chocolate, measuring 17cm in length, this egg will satisfy your appetite & your desk.

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Fox and Friends reporter seems sorry he talked to a smart person about the Green New Deal

A reporter for Fox & Friends went to a diner in Missouri to ask patrons about the New Green Deal. He found a guy in favor of the New Green Deal who presented his ideas so well that the only thing the reporter could do was respond nonsensically with "but how are we gonna pay for it" over and over again.

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Facebook is paying The Daily Telegraph to publish positive stories about Facebook

How should Facebook respond to the steady flow of news stories that reveal, again and again, how terrible it is? One way would be to stop being terrible. Instead, Facebook is keeping true to its "be terrible" motto by paying The Daily Telegraph to run a series of sponsored articles praising Facebook.

From Business Insider:

On March 13, the series ran a feature headlined "What action is Facebook taking to tackle terrorist content?", which discussed Facebook's work to "ensure terrorist content is identified and removed as swiftly as possible."

Two days later, a gunman opened fire at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 people and livestreaming the entire attack on Facebook.

"The same week of the Christchurch attack, @Facebook told us in a sponsored puff piece in the @Telegraph that they have terrorist content under control," the European branch of policy organization Counter Extremism Project tweeted at the time. "This week, the picture looks very different."

The subjects of the sponsored stories in The Daily Telegraph, an influential, 150-year-old right-leaning daily newspaper, that ran throughout March included everything from artificial intelligence to female objectification and combatting scammers online— as well as issues that the company has been criticized for.

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The already cheap Amazon Basics Lightning cable is on sale today

Amazon is having a sale on lots of products from its excellent Basics line today. Here's one especially good deal: this 6-foot Lightning Cable, which sells for a fraction of the price of an Apple-branded cable. Read the rest

Both identical twins must pay child support, court rules

Fernando and Fabrício are identical twin men from Brazil. Neither will admit to being the father of a baby girl, so a court told them they both must pay child support.

From BBC:

Each man will have to pay 230 reais; ($60; £45) a month, or 30% of the minimum salary in Brazil, as maintenance.

This means the girl will get twice as much as other children from the same economic background in Brazil.

Judge Filipe Luís Peruca, in the central state of Goiás, also ruled that the names of both men would be on the girl's birth certificate.

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Epic twitter thread about two drivers who want the same parking spot

Two drivers in LA's Koreatown decided they wanted the same parking spot on the street and they refused to budge their cars for OVER AN HOUR. They blocked traffic, causing a safety hazard. @Mrhflrs caught the action from her second-floor window and posted an epic and hilarious Twitter thread with videos:

Thread by @Mrhflrs: "Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A thread: Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedde […]" #TEAMBLACKCAR

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