Gideon Irving's trippy music video was made in one take without CGI or greenscreen

Gideon Irving's fantastic video, "Woke Up Looking" was made without computer graphics in just one take. The video below shows how he did it.

Here's another wonderful one-take video of Gideon's. It only has 135 views!

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Seattle's Roq La Rue Gallery turns 21

The groundbreaking Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle is celebrating its 21st anniversary by having a show with a bunch of artists who've shown their work there over the years. The show is called "Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds" and runs through September 8, 2019. Read the rest

King of King Court: a graphic novel memoir about intergenerational trauma in Western Mass

King of King Court is "a memoir that is both devastating and restrained in detailing Travis Dandro's childhood growing up in Western Massachusetts with an addicted and unstable father and a mother incapable of keeping him at bay," Julia Pohl-Miranda Drawn and Quarterly says. "What's such a gut-punch about this book is how revealing it is about the everyday slog of having mentally ill or abusive family members, the seeming inevitability of intergenerational trauma repeating itself."

Drawn and Quarterly kindly gave me several pages from King of King Court to run here:

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Art opening for a new show by painter Ryan Heshka: Freeeks

Here's what artist Ryan Heshka says about his show that opens tomorrow (August 10, 2019) at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles:

"The overall theme that weaves all the work together is the celebration of individuality, and celebrating our individual weirdness, quirks, the things that make us who we are. The political climate, the actual climate, and questions about privacy and reality have been heavy on my mind this year. I didn’t necessarily want to do a show that literally explored these themes, but rather have these themes drive my exploration of individual freedom and the evolution and shift of our relationships with each other as we continue to race forward. The show itself is split three ways: a) the original art from Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn, b) the debut of my new comic book, Frog Wife (with a new print and a large oil painting and art from the comic book), and c) a series of new paintings. The narratives in all these works varies, but there is a thread of rebellion, of flipped or evolved stereotypes, and turning figures inside out to reveal an inner self. The show started as an excuse to exhibit my comic book art, but soon took on a life of its own."

He adds, "The show is heavy on the comic book art (close to 60 spreads, or 120 pages), which I have never shown before. There are also two large oil paintings, one of the Mean Girls Club, and one of Frog Wife.

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LED light bulbs on sale on Amazon again

Amazon has the 24-pack of Sylvania LED light bulbs on sale again for . That's cheaper than an incandescent bulb, which you don't need unless you're A) a climate science denier who wants to trigger the libtards or B) the owner of an Easy Bake Oven, which would make these bulbs of little use to you. Read the rest

The interesting story behind Dorothea Lange's famous "Migrant Mother" photo

In the 1930s photographer Dorothea Lange was hired by the U.S. government’s Farm Security Administration (FSA) to take photos of farm workers affected by the Great Depression. She took this photo of Florence Owens Thompson with her children in 1936 in Nipomo, California and titled it "Migrant Mother."

“I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet," Lange said years later in an interview. "I do not remember how I explained my presence or my camera to her, but I do remember she asked me no questions. I made five exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction... She and her children had been living on frozen vegetables from the field and wild birds the children caught. The pea crop had frozen; there was no work. Yet they could not move on, for she had just sold the tires from the car to buy food.”

According to Moma, however, "Thompson later contested Lange’s account. When a reporter interviewed her in the 1970s, she insisted that she and Lange did not speak to each other, nor did she sell the tires of her car. Thompson said that Lange had either confused her for another farmer or embellished what she had understood of her situation in order to make a better story."

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Jon Voight has a message for the "black community" and the "angered left" -- racism was "solved long ago by our forefathers"

Actor-cum-philosopher/historian Jon Voight believes the "black community" and the "angered left" needn't worry about "words of racism," because this "has been solved long ago by our forefathers, for peace and love. It seems that the angered left and the angered minorities want to hold President Trump accountable for past lives. You see, we have been gifted with truth, and as I see it, anger is among the old chains that were binding the people of slavery. Old wounds that still seem fresh. Let me talk about old wounds. The Holocaust. That, my friends, are wounds that live among the Jewish and non-Jewish that lost lives. But this is not about color, race, religion. This is about the United States of America."


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Important development in soy sauce containers

My friend, That Farmer Guy, send me the following news about soy sauce:

Based on nothing but my empirical observation, the garden variety Kikkoman seems to dominate the international soya sauce market, but this other Kikkoman product (Shiboritate) is the nama-shoyu version (raw, fresh-pressed) and is packaged with an interesting hack that prevents oxidation and tastes different (fresher? better? you decide).

The trick is a special cap that attaches to a bladder that holds the sauce inside the squeeze bottle, and prevents the sauce from air contact, at least until you use it.

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Woman put octopus on her face -- it bit her and she had to go to the hospital

A woman from Washington State who was participating in a salmon fishing derby spotted a small octopus and decided to stick it on her face and have her photo taken. Unfortunately, the octopus wouldn't let go and it gave her a venomous bite on the chin, too, which resulted in a nasty infection. She had to go to the hospital for treatment.

From Huffpost:

“[My friends] noticed my face had changed,” she said. “We couldn’t get the beak to dislodge ― it was like a prong.”

Although Bisceglia eventually freed herself from the octopus, she bled profusely for 30 minutes afterwards.

“There’s still a pus pocket and there’s a spot under my chin,” she said.

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Super low price on this 10-inch Mercer Chef's Knife

I just ordered one of these 10-inch Mercer Chef's Knives because it has great reviews on Amazon, and it's only . I don't know how long it will be offered at a sale price. Read the rest

Apple discourages iPhone self-repair with a dirty trick

Once again, Apple has demonstrated its disdain for people who want to do simple repairs on their equipment. This time, Apple has changed the iPhone's firmware so people who replace an old battery with a new Apple-branded battery will see a "Service" message on their phone that won't go away. The Service message says "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery." The phone also will also refuse to show any diagnostic information about the health of the battery. The only way to avoid the message and be able to see the health of the battery is to have the battery replaced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider who has access to Apple's proprietary internal diagnostic software.

From iFixit:

Technically, it is possible to remove the microcontroller chip from the original battery and carefully solder it into the new battery you’re swapping in, restoring the Battery Health feature—but the procedure isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s an unreasonable requirement for any repair, much less something as simple as a battery swap.

Fortunately, your replacement battery will continue to work perfectly fine, and you’ll get all of the benefits that come with a new battery—we’ve confirmed that this doesn’t throttle the iPhone’s performance on a healthy battery, for example. But you won’t be able to easily see your battery’s health and know when it’s time to replace it.

Then again, this is a huge problem for iPhone owners who may not know about this new, sneaky lockdown, and it will undoubtedly cause confusion: they’ll replace their own battery and notice the “Service” message, then begin troubleshooting a problem that isn’t there.

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Engineers design a robotic tail for people to assist with balance and movement

Researchers at Keio University built an "an artificial biomimicry-inspired anthropomorphic tail" with haptic feedback to help people walk, bend over, and do other things as they go about their business. The design inspired by the seahorse's tail.

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After ICE raid, children left homeless and without food

ICE agents raided food processing plants in Mississippi this week, arresting 680 employees suspected of not having proper documentation to work in the US. According to WJTV many of the arrested people's children were "left temporarily homeless" and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to feed and care for them.

From WJTV:

Community leaders in Forest, Mississippi brought the children to a community gym to provide care and comfort. 12 News reporter Alex Love was granted permission to talk to community leaders and the children.

Children relied on neighbors and strangers to pick them up outside their homes after school. They drove the children to a community center where people tried to keep them calm. But many kids could not stop crying for mom and dad.

An 11-year-old girl is left crying outside in Forest after her dad was arrested. Fighting back tears, Magdalena Gomez Gregorio, 11, expressed to us her devastation.

“Government please show some heart,” Gregoria cried. “Let my parent be free.”

The cruelty really is the point.

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This TSA-approved toiletry zipper bag is better than a 1-qt ziplock bag

This waterproof, clear toiletry zipper bag is TSA approved, and more durable than a ziploc bag. The squared-off shape  and thicker plastic makes it easier to fill with liquid containers. Amazon sells them for . I bought two. Read the rest

Man tricks bitcoin scammer into sending him $50

Ben is host of the BTC Sessions YouTube channel. He appears to be knowledgeable about Bitcoin, so he was the wrong guy to try to cheat, as this scammer learned. The scammer, going by the name of Susan Williams, told Ben via instant message that he could double his money in 24 hours if he sent her bitcoins to invest in a bitcoin mining operation. Ben pretended to be interested but told her that he would send her a bitcoin only if she first sent him $50 worth of bitcoin as a show of good faith. Susan" eventually agreed and as soon as she sent him the money, Ben told her he was not going to send her anything and was sending the $50 to a charity. Susan was so upset that she sent Ben a crying face emoji.

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Shingy, AOL's secret weapon for staying hip, is leaving

Are all the cool kids going to leave AOL now that its official "digital prophet," Shingy, won't be around to tell the company what to do? According to Gizmodo, Mr. Shingy wrote a good-bye letter on LinkedIn that read, "I have decided it’s time to explore a new path.”

From Gizmodo:

It’s possible no one really knows what Shingy did as a digital prophet. In 2014 he told the New Yorker that his six-figure salary paid for him to watch “the future take shape across the vast online landscape,” adding that, “I fly all around the world and go to conferences” and “I listen to where media is headed and figure out how our brands can win in that environment.”

But one anecdote from that story painted a clearer picture of Shingy’s role.

Next, Shingy stopped by the office of Erika Nardini, the chief marketing officer of AOL Advertising, and handed her an iPad Mini. “Wanted to show you a little brain fart I had on the plane,” he said. It was a cartoon he had drawn of a bear wearing zebra-print pants and a shirt covered in ones and zeros.

“Love it, love it, love it,” Nardini said. “I’m thinking of the bears more as a metaphor.”

“A thousand per cent,” Shingy said.

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Gentleman fights truck and falls into wet concrete

A gentleman (dressed in a half-hearted attempt at old-timey choo choo train engineer cosplay) attacked a cement truck with a hammer, knocking out indicator lights and such. He then traipsed through freshly poured concrete, falling into it and struggling to get out. When a man asked him "Everything alright?" He replied, "Everything alright? Does everything look alright you dumb fucker? I want that truck off my lawn."

Old man freaks out over a truck parked outside his house, hits concrete company truck with a hammer then falls into wet concrete from r/PublicFreakout

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