I've been interested in Pacific island culture for as long as I remember. I lived in Hawaii when I was very young, so that might be one of the reasons I feel a connection. In the last few years, I've taken up the ukulele. I have several, including a Hawaiian-made Kamaka, but my favorite is the Fluke, a low cost plastic and wood uke made in Connecticut. Today, I became the owner of a Flea, the new soprano-sized ukuele by the makers of the incredible Fluke ukulele. You can see the size difference in the picture. It's adorable and sounds wonderful and will cost about $100. Best of all, just like the Fluke, you can stand it up for easy and instant access. I plan on taking it with me to Rarotonga. The Flea will always be near to my heart because I drew the character mascot for it, as well as the illustrations in the book that accompanies it. Previous photo. Next photo. Start from beginning.
On June 21, 2003, Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair moved from Los Angeles to the South Pacific. Our first stop is Rarotonga, a tiny island in the South Pacific. We're bringing our two young daughters with us.

This is our story, one photograph at a time.

The Island Chronicles: MARK FRAUENFELDER and CARLA SINCLAIR continue their experiment in South Pacific living. Read their latest dispatch exclusively on LAWeekly.com!

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