[21 days to go before we leave] When Mark and I visited Rarotonga 10 years ago, this was one of the coins used in the Cook Islands. The figure on the coin is Tangaroa, the squat, well-endowed god of fertility and the sea, who can be found all over the islands, usually in the form of wood carvings. On the flip side of the coin is a handsome image of Queen Elizabeth. Reportedly, the Queen wasn't pleased to share a coin with the likes of a naked Tangaroa. In recent years, the Cook Islands have switched over to New Zealand currency and the coin has become a collectors' item. -- Carla
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On June 21, 2003, Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair moved from Los Angeles to the South Pacific. Our first stop is Rarotonga, a tiny island in the South Pacific. We're bringing our two young daughters with us.

This is our story, one photograph at a time.

The Island Chronicles: MARK FRAUENFELDER and CARLA SINCLAIR continue their experiment in South Pacific living. Read their latest dispatch exclusively on LAWeekly.com!

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