Date: 10.19.2001 5:44 AM From: mark / negativland Paul - perhaps you could send this around?? Mark




If you've had your own weird and strange dreams in the wake of 9/11, please send them to  Negativland.  Real dreams only, please, don't make stuff up. The more detailed, the better.


Assuming we get enough good ones, we'll post the best  on our website. Send dreams  to -  Our website is


Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in participating. We like the idea of  a place for people to share what is happening to their/our unconscious minds in the wake of 9/11. Because right now our conscious minds simply don't know what to do anymore!!


Stay tuned for more info. Hopefully this is a good idea. We'll see what happens.







MY DINNER WITH GEORGE Mark from Negativland had this very strange dream last night  -


I was at the White House as a guest. I was in some part of the White House that looked just like the inside of a regular middle class condominium, and I was starving.  The walls were white and it was kind of cramped and small. There were no windows, but a skylight above our heads letting in light. There was too much furniture in the room I was in. Some of it was blocking the entrance to another room, a veritable WALL of furniture. There were stuffed children's toys  stashed in the corners that seemed like they might have belonged to the previous guests.


I sat down in the kitchen of this White House condo to a late lunch/early dinner at a small square card table with the President, George W. Bush Jr., and some other people I did not know who were also his guests. They were just regular people, nobody special.


The President brought out stale croissants and tomatoes for us all to eat. He seemed SO pleased to be serving us and eating this simple food. He handed me a short little menu in case I wanted to get a more elaborate dinner. There were 3 kinds of complete meals to choose from on this menu - one was $19.95, one was $27.95 and the most expensive one was $65. This was a White House menu that charged you for your meals, which kind of surprised me.


I thought about buying one of the dinners from the menu, because I knew that stale croissants and tomatoes were not going to be enough to fill me up. But I also knew that I could not afford even the cheapest White House meal because I was totally broke.


So I was more interested in the free food that George was preparing for me at the small table we sat at. He sliced all of the tomatoes and the croissants for me himself. He wouldn't let me help. I  kept wanting to help him slice the tomatoes and slice the croissants and I kept wanting to say all kinds of  things to him about what he was doing that was all terrible and wrong in how he was handling the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center.....but  I couldn't. Because I knew he would not understand me.  He thought he was my friend and he seemed like a very well intentioned man with a very, very low I.Q.  He was surprisingly kind and I could tell that he was basically a simpleton running our country and did not deserve my hate or anger, but rather my kindness and good will and forgiveness. Even though I knew he was doing terrible, terrible things, I felt all this peaceful compassion for him. He was simply doing the best his little mind could do - he was serving us stale croissants and tomatoes.