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Altoids contest for tin-modders

John Duffell sez, "Altoids tins are too cool for the trash bin; many of us like to re-use our tins for various uses, and the fine folks behind the Altoid will be rewarding the most innovative ideas with cash prizes. Entries should consist of a brief description (no more than 100 words) accompanied by a digital photo."


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iPod charger in an Altoids tin gets 10 hours of play

JMG sez, "Instructions on how to make an external iPod battery pack from two 9 volt batteries and two AAs, housed in a playing card box. Claims to get 10 hours of play from it, and looks pretty easy to build. Here is a version in an Altoids tin, with links to US stores for the parts."


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iPod speakers made from Altoids tins

The winner of a contest to invent a MacGyver-style invention using Altoids tins is a peach: make a set of iPod speakers out of two Altoids tins, two playing cards, and a set of headphones.


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