Required reading: The 2017 Nebula Awards shortlist

The Science Fiction Writers of America has released the ballot for this year's Nebula awards, nominated for and voted upon by the organization's members; the ballot lists novellas, short stories, novelettes, YA novels (the Andre Norton award), dramatic presentations (the Bradbury award), and novels — including two debut novels I reviewed in 2016: Nisi Shawl's Everfair and Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky.

Boing Boing Gift Guide 2016

Here's this year's complete Boing Boing Gift Guide: more than a hundred great ideas for prezzies: technology, toys, books and more. Scroll down and buy things, mutants! Many of the items use Amazon Affiliate links that help us make ends meet at Boing Boing, the world's greatest neurozine. — Read the rest

Boing Boing's 2016 Gift Guide: Books

When we got to rounding up our favorite books for our annual Gift Guide, we found that there were simply too many this time to throw in the Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukah/Yule/Solstice/Nonspecific Winter Celebration/New Year/Chalica hopper along with the tech and toys.

It's almost as if 2016 made the traditional way of learning more about our world — and of sharing dreams of other worlds — somehow more enticing. — Read the rest

Name your price for 11 (!) Philip K Dick award-winning novels

The PKD Award is given for the best paperback original this year, and has been awarded to such classics as Neuromancer. Storybundle's DRM-free collection of name-your-price ebooks includes some of my favorite books of all time: Walter Jon Williams's Knight Moves, Kathe Koja's The Cipher, Lewis Shiner's Frontera, Lisa Mason's Summer of Love, Elizabeth Hand's Aestival Time, and more.

Popehat on depression

Just because you're a Type A, "fully invested in the classic American self-image of independence and grit," don't think you couldn't use some help.

2014 Hugo awards

The 2014 Hugos were awarded at Loncon3 last night — the largest Worldcon in history, with the largest voter pool in history, too. Ann Leckie won Best Novel for her excellent Ancillary Justice, and I accepted the Best Graphic Story for Randall Munroe's masterpiece Time, in full XKCD cosplay.

2011 Nebula Awards nominees announced

The Science Fiction Writers of America have announced the nominees for the 2011 Nebula Awards, which are voted by the community of professional sf/f writers (in contrast to the Hugo awards, which are voted by readers). It's a very strong ballot, and includes two of my favorite books of 2011: Jo Walton's astounding Among Others, and Delia Sherman's brilliant YA novel The Freedom Maze. — Read the rest

Read the Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and win a Jake von Slatt Somnotrope

Steampunk maker Jake von Slatt built a "Mooney & Finch Somnotrope" as part of the promotion for The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities (the followup to The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, a collection of fictitious and whimsical illnesses); writer Charlie Jane Anders wrote a "microfiction" (see below) to accompany it. — Read the rest

Flurb 11 is out, with extra Mex-spec-fic-cool

The new issue of Flurb, Rudy Rucker's magnificent online sf zine, is up. This issue is guest-edited by Eileen Gunn, who has pulled in three excellent Mexican sf writers (their stories are published in both English and Spanish) as well as stories by Leslie What, Chris Nakashima Brown, Charlie Jane Anders, Michael Swanwick and others. — Read the rest