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Crap Hound vintage clip art magazine seeks funding via Kickstarter

Chloe Eudaly (proprietress of Reading Frenzy/Show & Tell Press) says:

Crap Hound is the sporadically published vintage line art zine my friend Sean Tejaratchi edits and I publish. We have 3 issues slated for publication this year and are using Kickstarter to raise funds to get the first one to press. Kickstarter is a newish site (that you probably already know about) to raise funds for creative ventures.

Our project is currently 17% funded with 35 days to go.

I have the original edition of Crap Hound #4 from 1996 and it's fantastic.

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Found art collages: Interiors from CRAP HOUND 7 CHURCH & STATE

Chloe from Portland's Reading Frenzy zine emporium -- publishers of the brilliant and highly irregular found art zine CRAP HOUND -- has sent along several interior pages from CRAP HOUND 7: CHURCH AND STATE, which goes on sale tomorrow. Enjoy!

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CRAP HOUND clipart zine #7: Church and State

Issue 7 of Sean Tejaratchi's seminal clip-art zine CRAP HOUND is just about to hit the stands, thanks to the good folks at Portland's Reading Frenzy, a zine store par excellance. CRAP HOUND plunders its graphics from hundreds of sources and then features them in gorgeous, endlessly fascinating mosaics and layouts. Issue 7's theme is CHURCH AND STATE, and judging by the cover, it looks like a doozy.

Crap Hound #7: Church & State, 96 pgs., 2 color cover, b/w interior, offset printed, suggested retail price of $12. This is the first all new issue of Crap Hound in 9 years! A pure but lucky coincidence makes this issue particularly apropos, as we're in an election year with a candidate declaring his intention to rewrite the constitution according to "God's standards"!


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Compendium of psychological curiosities

Rick Prelinger says:

Stockholm professor David Katz assembled his Psychological Atlas in 1948, pulling together classic and curious images from the history of myth and psychology. This is an amazing, bizarre collection that blurs the distinction between what we consider science and pseudo-science. Among the images are classic visual and perceptual illusions; comparisons of the facial expressions of meat-eaters and vegetarians; artworks by blind people; visualizations of personality "types"; chiromancy; and conditioned reflexes in action. Art students visiting our library home in on this book.

It's free for download from Prelinger Library at the Internet Archive. HINT: Click the "FTP" link to access the original scanned-page .jpgs in highest res.


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Crap Hound No. 6 - clip art magnificence

Chloe from Reading Frenzy (Portland's astounding zine store) just handed me a copy of Crap Hound No. 6, the latest installment in her press's steady reissuance of the seminal clip-art zine. Created by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound issues each featured a grand, disjointed theme -- issue six's is Death, Telephone and Scissors. Each page is a kind of collage of stark, black-and-white imagery of these things, laid out with a lot of wit and yet with a solemn appreciation for the subject.

I'm very excited to hear that a new issue of Crap Hound is coming shortly -- this one to feature "Church and State."

Crap Hound inspired me and countless others in its initial printing (the name of the zine was part of my impetus for titling my first major story-sale "Craphound" and subsequently registering the domain -- I was also inspired in this by the insults fielded in the great film Local Hero). Holding an issue again after all these years takes me whirling back. I could look at this thing for hours.


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Fundraiser to bring Reading Frenzy's Chloe to London

Chloe Eudaly runs Reading Frenzy/ in Portland, Oregon, a legendary, amazing alternative bookstore that also publishes many fantastic zines and books, including Crap Hound. Her young son has cerebral palsy, which means that she has a hard time travelling due to the need to provide care for him.

Nevertheless, she plans on visiting London to host "a ‘show and tell’ style event about her work and Portland’s cultural output." This means that she needs money to pay for her son's medical care.

A group of writers and zinesters are hosting a fundraiser for her at London Colonnade's Horse Hospital on September 24th, 12-5pm. The price of admission is a book or a bag of books. The organizers will sell off the donated books for £1 each. There's also a showing of Harold and Maude and Times Square. This is a good cause and looks like a day of good fun:

Please bring your books in bags, if possible divided up into fiction and non-fiction. This is your entrance fee. If you don’t have books to bring you pay £1. You only need bring one book to get in free, but please bring as many as you can [omitting your 1993 Time Out restaurant guides and 1996 Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbooks please]. You will be able to come and go during the sale, so you can check back later on to see what else has come in, though we will be starting with some prime donations on sale. If you want to know the truth we have also been promised a very, very rare book, which will be auctioned at the start of the sale.

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Crap Hound -- seminal clipart zine -- is back!

Crap Hound was the seminal clipart zine that featured page on page on page on page of artistically arranged black and white design elements and illustrations, grouped on themes like circuses, skeletons, and -- in issue five, "hearts, hands and eyes." I'd always loved the word "craphound," since I heard it used in the film Local Hero, and when the zine came out, I immediately glommed onto it. In the mid-nineties, I wrote a short story called Craphound, which turned out to be my first professional publication -- and so not long thereafter I registered the domain, craphound.com.

Now the zine Crap Hound is back, in a series of reprints from ReadingFrenzy/Show & Tell Press. Yesterday I scored a copy of issue 5 from a dealer at Opentech and was completely delighted to once again hold a copy of this magnificent zine. According to the interior,, Show and Tell will be shortly reprinting issues 2 and 3 (Sex and Kitchen Gadgets), issue 4 (Clowns, Devils and Bait), and issue 6 (Death, Telephones and Scissors), along with an all-new issue number 7 (Church and State).

Crap Hound is mesmerizing -- browsing the pages is a near-mystical experience. At $8 an issue, it's a steal, too.


(note to Reading Frenzy/Sean: my offer to set up mag.craphound.com or zine.craphound.com and point them wherever you'd like still stands)

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