Hacktivists parody Google logo for protest, China human rights fundraiser

Hacker and free speech activist Oxblood Ruffin shares this parody logo remix with Boing Boing, and says,

The Cult of the Dead Cow has started a global protest against Google's appeasement policy towards the PRC. Haxors are already printing up t-shirts based on this graphic, and we're getting feedback from as far away as India and Taiwan, and that's just within the past 8 hours.

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Hacktivism explained

Oxblood Ruffin, the spokesmodel for the hacker underground group, Cult of the Dead Cow, has a great interview in the current ish of Shift.

Essentially what we're interested in is preserving various internet rights and freedoms. Many of those are defined by documents.

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High-larious hacker blog

The Cult of the Dead Cow hacker-clan has a funny, trash-talkin' hax0r blog. Many of the cDc folks can be found this weekend in Vegas, at DefCon, the hacker conference where Dmitry Skylarov was arrested last year for telling the world that Adobe eBook "protection" blows chunks. — Read the rest

Hacktivism demystified

Great rant from the Cult of the Dead Cow's Oxblood Ruffin explaining the whys and wherefores of Hacktivism.

Witnessing hi-tech firms dive into China is like watching the Gadarene swine. Already fat and greedy beyond belief, the Western technology titans are being herded towards the trough.

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