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Talk "Ghosts With Shit Jobs" in your living room by vidphone

Jim Munroe writes, "GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS just came out on iTunes/Amazon/Xbox/PS3 as a $5 rental and we're doing this thing where if you organize a screening party you could win a videochat Q&A with us. Thanks to the Kickstarter we've been able to tour a dozen cities on three continents in person, and this way we'll be able to continue the tour by visiting peoples' living rooms in a truly science fictional fashion: by vidphone."

GHOSTS Plays Cloud City: iTunes, Amazon, Xbox & PS3

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Guilded ilded Youth, a quick interactive fiction

Guilded Youth is a green-on-black text adventure from Jim Munroe and Matt Hamill. Writes Brandon Boyer: "one of the most evocative portrayals of our collective disaffected BBS-enhanced adolescence I’ve experienced in a game, effortlessly giving surprisingly rounded life to characters you only know briefly." Read the rest

New Skype malware threat reported: Poison Ivy

Dancho Danchev reports an incident in which a friend pinged him at an odd hour on Skype "with a message pointing to what appeared to be a photo site with the message 'hahahahaha foto' and a link to hxxp://random_subdomain.photalbum.org." Yup, malware. The Poison Ivy trojan is spreading across Skype. [webroot via Joseph Menn] Read the rest

"Ghosts With Shit Jobs" econopocalypse mockumentary raising money for tour with USB bracelets

Filmmaker (and comics creator and novelist and games developer) Jim Munroe is raising money to take his outstanding science fiction feature Ghosts With Shit Jobs on tour.

Here's Jim's summary: "In the future, jobs still suck -- but in whole new ways. The economic collapse of the west is complete and North Americans are a cheap labour pool for wealthy Asian and Indian markets. A Chinese documentary show focuses on these unlucky enough to have been born in the slums of Toronto in a special report that translates as 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs'. The lo-fi sci-fi mockumentary feature offers both a commentary on the economic downturn and a model for surviving in it -- it was made for $4000."

He's selling the movie on a USB bracelet in 1080p as a way of raising the dough to tour the flick:

This USB bracelet comes pre-loaded with Ghosts With Shit Jobs in full 1080p resolution with no DRM aftertaste. After you watch the movie, you can use it as a digital security bracelet -- when the Cloud is repossessed in 2025 you'll have a local back-up of 8 gigabytes of your most precious data on your body at all times.

Tour for GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS, a Lo-fi Sci-fi Feature

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SF mockumentary: 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs' -- China looks at westerners with awful jobs

Jim Munroe sez, "In the future, jobs still suck -- but in whole new ways. The economic collapse of the west is complete and North Americans are a cheap labour pool for wealthy Asian and Indian markets. A Chinese documentary show focuses on these unlucky enough to have been born in the slums of Toronto in a special report that translates as 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs'.

The lo-fi sci-fi mockumentary feature offers both a commentary on the economic downturn and a model for surviving in it -- it was made for $4000."

Ghosts With Shit Jobs

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2010 Gift Guide: BOOKS!

Welcome to the second half of the 2010 Boing Boing Gift Guide, where we pick out some of our favorite books from the last year (and beyond) to help you find inexpensive holiday gifts for friends and family. Can you guess who chose a Sarah Palin book?

Hey Toronto: attend the free Hand Eye indie games event, May 27th

As you read this, I'll currently be en route to Toronto -- home to developers Capy, Superbrothers, Metanet, Queasy Games, RSBLSB, Jim Munroe & many more -- to do some scientific tests on its municipal water supply in hopes of identifying the magic that's been added that's turning out some of indie gaming's finest.

While I'm there, the city will be holding one of its semi-regular meetings of the creative community collective known as the Hand Eye Society, and I'll be there playing host to some still-secret activities, and very possibly some even secret-er special guest stars.

The Society meeting will be at Unit Bar, located at 1198 Queen West, starting at 7:30pm on Thursday, May 27th.

Come out and play! Hope to see you there!

The Third Social of 2010: Thursday, May 27th. [Hand Eye Society] Read the rest

SWORD OF MY MOUTH: Apocalyptic graphic novel about the tyranny of angels

Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard's Sword of My Mouth is sequel to Jim's earlier Therefore, Repent!, a story about the tyranny and horrors visited upon the earth by the angels who come with the Rapture.

All of the pious souls have ascended, and the earth is in turmoil. The left-behinds fall into two camps: those who slaughter and enforce martial law for the angels, and those who join the resistance and fight against God's tyranny.

Ella was abandoned in Detroit by her husband, who went to fight angels in Chicago. She is raising their son alone, and like many, he has been mutated by the wild magic of the rapture, making her the target of derision and fear by her neighbors. Driven from her home by a fire, she takes up refuge with urban farmers who are contending with a plot by Famine, the Horseman, to destroy humanity's food supply and make them more dependent on the angels.

Munroe is a fantastic writer in many media (novels, games, films and comics), and his talents are ably matched by Gerard's stellar illustrations, jagged line drawings that play with time-series and an expressivity of posture to convey emotion with unexpected punch.

Profane and wonderful, Sword of My Mouth and Therefore, Repent! are subversive, smart, and gripping.

Sword of My Mouth Read the rest

The EXAMINE'd Life: Keeping Interactive Fiction Alive

As with my earlier column on the new vanguard and returning classic franchises that are keeping point and click adventures alive a decade or more past their prime, there's one other genre that all but the hardest-of-the-core and its tight-knit community itself seem to have forgotten: the text adventure.

It's a genre that -- if you grew up gaming -- probably makes up some of your earliest memories: my own definitely revolve around waiting impatiently for the TI99/4A's cassette deck to finish screeching its way through loading Scott Adams' Adventure series (now playable online here) and pondering the etymology of "pieces of eight", continuing through my teens to the unmistakably British worlds of Graham Cluely's Jacaranda Jim and Humbug (the games that first taught me the word 'whinge').

And it's a genre that certainly is flourishing deep in the underground at places like The IFDB, the IFWiki, the yearly IFComp(etition), and the tireless work of people like Emily Short, but it took an Indiecade finalist and an iPhone app to hook me back in, with a short-list of the top games to try included below the fold. Read the rest

Jamba Juice accused of stealing "Get Your War On" artist's work - Update: Jamba responds, GYWO calls for boycott

"No Justice, No Juice" is the rallying cry of those joining the fight to support the popular webcomic "Get Your War On," after an aparrent ripoff in an ad campaign for the American juice franchise Jamba Juice.

BB guestblogger Carrie McLaren blogged about the controversy here last week. More about the uh, creative similarities on GYWO artist David Rees' website here.

Jamba Juice has issued a response, but it's pathetic:

Jamba Juice would like to expressly communicate that the Summer Bliss promotion was not intended to imply any affiliation with Mr. Rees, Mr. Rees' endorsement of Jamba Juice and its products, or Jamba Juice's endorsement of Mr. Rees' work."

Jambattorneys, if you're reading, here's why that's pathetic: what's at issue isn't that people think Rees "endorses Jamba Juice and its products" (he says he "prefers wine") but that to my non-lawyer eyes, Jamba Juice appears to have ripped of Rees' well-established body of work.

I don't know if what Jamba did is illegal or not, I just know it seems unfair and uncool.

Snip from Rees' step-by-step analysis of the Jamba campaign (a sample ad is inset, below):

# The clip art is public domain, of course, anyone can do anything with it ... but check out the word balloons! JAMBA JUICE TOTALLY BIT MY GYWO WORD BALLOON STYLE! Rounded-edge text box with single line pointing to mouth? I developed that in 2001 using Quark XPress 4!!! THAT'S MY SHIT!!! Jamba Juice, you're a bunch of BALLOON-BITERS.

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Jim Munroe's THEREFORE REPENT as a free download

Jim "Angry Young Spaceman" Munroe sez,

I've released Therefore Repent! as a CC licenced pdf, cbr and cbz download. ("It's completely nuts... It's a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that's all I'm gonna tell you." -Junot Díaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction)

I'm hoping people will dig it enough to preorder the first issue of the Detroit-set continuation, Sword of My Mouth #1, at their local comic shoppe.

Sword of My Mouth #1 Out Soon

(Thanks, Jim!)

Previously: Jim Munroe's new novel in 88 blog entries - Boing Boing Jim Munroe's Everyone in Silico - Boing Boing Invoicing for product placement in sf novel - Boing Boing Text-adventure game award-winners of 2008: Everybody Dies takes ... Time Management for Anarchists -- the free comic - Boing Boing Everyone In Silico, licensed for remixing - Boing Boing Read the rest

Text-adventure game award-winners of 2008: Everybody Dies takes bronze!

Writer/game designer/film-maker Jim Munroe sez,

IFComp 2008, The 14th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition and keeper of the old-school text-game torch, recently declared its winners. Bronze went to my game, Everybody Dies, silver went to Eric Eve's Nightfall, and the gold went to Jeremy Freese's Violet.

Everybody Dies puts you in the shoes of a chubby metalhead who has smoked his last smoke, with illustrations by Michael Cho; Nightfall drops you into a mysterious city where everyone's fled before the approaching Enemy; and in Violet your struggle to write your dissertation is aided by the most charming voice-in-your-head character in history.

All 35 of the comp entries, playable with interpreters, are available at ifcomp.org, but Violet and Everybody Dies can be played online

Congrats, Jim!

Everybody Dies Takes Bronze at IFComp,

Everybody Dies review at Play This Thing!

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Chewable eyeball cameras: sf video podcast

Jim Munroe sez, "Nanotech is going to be able to do all that and more according to the third episode of INFEST WISELY, a lo-fi sci-fi video podcast. 'Early Adopter' follows the story of a voice actress after she ingests a beta version of a new, chewable technology. Is it just the stress of her disintegrating relationship or is the EyeSee application a little... buggy?"

I've been following this "low-fi sci-fi" video podcast for a month now and while the first couple episodes didn't move me much, the last couple have been killer. The production values keep getting better, too.


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Free apocalyptic web-comic

Jim Munroe, the brilliant author of such sf novels as Angry Young Spaceman and Everyone in Silico (along with text adventures like Punk Points and numerous other impressive projects) has just released a wonderfully apocalyptic comic book as a free webcomic, with print editions available on demand from Lulu.

So what would you do if the Rapture, the biblical end of the world as foretold in Revelations, came to pass? Raven and Mummy go on a roadtrip!

Link Read the rest

New urban exploration book

Jim Munroe says: "The editor of the zine Infiltration (the zine about going places you're not supposed to go) and the guy who coined the term "urban exploration" has self-published a how-to book being launched next week. Like his zine, it's a very well written, funny, and responsible guide to a slightly illicit hobby." Link

Reader comment: Tom sasy: "Ninjalicious, the guy who wrote Access All Areas, died of cancer on Aug 23rd, just before the book was released. He was also known as Milky, and appeared under that name in Jason Scott's BBS Documentry.  Jason blogged about his death here." Read the rest

Time-management for anarchists from a productive anarcho-geek

My pal Jim Munroe is the most productive anarchist I know: he writes (great) sf novels, organizes a punk-rock multi-city Vaudeville circuit, makes entertaining text adventures, shoots videos and so forth. He's produced a slide show that exposes the secrets of his success, called "Time Management for Anarchists."

Time Management for Anarchists (starring Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin, no less) is a great Getting-Things-Done-style tutorial on how to throw off the yoke of your day job and still remain productive without a labor-alienating boss cracking the whip over you. Jim built it in Flash to accompany a talk he gives, so it runs a little slow without his patter overtop of it. But it's CC-licensed so you can give it a hurry-up if you are so moved.


(Thanks, Gavin!) Read the rest

Jim Munroe's new novel in 88 blog entries

Jim Munroe -- the author of the wonderful anarcho-science-fiction novels Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask, Angry Young Spaceman, Everyone in Silico and others; and a former managing editor of AdBusters -- has a new novel out, whose premise is that it is the blog of the roommate of a demonness. He is posting the novel one blog-entry at a time for the next 88 days:

When Kate discovers that her roommate identifies as a demoness, she figures it's too sacrilicious a secret to keep to herself: she tells all on her blog, roommatefromhell.com.

This is the basic gist of my new book, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil, a tale of the urban occult told entirely through Kate's entries. Starting today, I'll be posting one a day to the faux roommatefromhell.com blog until all 88 entries (the whole book) are up. After that I'll be writing a spinoff story based on how the poll on the site goes.

Link Read the rest

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