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Laugh Out Loud Cats: new book by Adam Koford

Adam "Ape Lad" Koford's Laugh-Out-Loud Cats are now available in book form. "I'm selling signed and drawn in copies on my blog, or unsigned and undrawn in copies via Lulu," says the author/illustrator. Link.

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BBtv - Ape Lad: The True Hollywood Story of Aloysius Koford

Today on Boing Boing tv, we revisit Adam "Ape Lad" Koford's great-grandpappy Aloysius P. Koford for a never-before-exposed expose of his illustrious Hollywood career -- complete with walrii, scantily clad Mary Pickford lookalikes, and movie studio copyright disputes of yesteryear that may just rival, in their fury, the pugnacious picket lines of today. Plus: the real history of the Wilhelm Scream.

Link to BBtv post with video and comments.

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The ABCs of LOLcats.

Ape Lad haz dun it agin. Link to printable set with instructions. The hobos shall inherit the earth, you know. (thanks Foundling45 and others)

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BBtv -- Laugh Out Loud Cats: The True History

LOLcats -- cute cat photos with ungrammatical but humorous one-liners -- are ubiquitous online. But today on BBtv, we explore their little-known historic origins in a comic strip from the early 1900s...

Link to video and full text of post with comments thread. Read the rest

LOLCat programming language: LOLCode

Programmers have created a functional programming language based on the peculiar speech of LOLCats. Linguists may analyze the grammar of LOLCats, but hackers make it DO STUFF. From Nick's Blog: "LOLCode is an emerging esoteric (and hilarious) language based on the dialect used in LOLCats images. It's been siezed upon by a group of people (myself included, now), and is being expanded into a real, workable, turing complete esoteric language (though nobody has proven its turing completeness yet!). The LOLCode.NET compiler is now working, and as a nearly-free bonus for using the .NET platform, you can even debug it in Visual Studio."


(Thanks, Adam!)

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Short links roundup: Smores for Darfur

BB reader Derek points us to the snapshot above, and says "The state of political action at Yale today. I'm afraid this is serious. The text chalked on the sidewalk in front of Yale's main library says it all: 'Smores for Darfur, All You Can Eat $2.'"

In presumably unrelated news, Richard Stallman visits the Yale Political Union, hijinks ensue. Link. People are filesharing the new Radiohead album anyway. Link. Many fans are irked about the MP3 compression rate: Link. Lefsetz has a righteous rant about that issue and others which cause many to believe the band kind of blew it here: Link. Idolatr concurs: Link. Anyway, here are some fan-made alternative album covers for "In Rainbows": Link. Historical ecology: Yucatan jungles are actually feral Mayan gardens. Link.

Here's a music video from the late '90s featuring human/robot interspecies sex. NSFW, animated. Link.

John White, the photographer who claims ownership of the "O RLY owl" photo, is mad at webcomic artist Jeffrey Rowland, for adapting that now-ubiquitous internet meme as part of an "internet ouijah board." Link.

Silver-and-blue nudibranch (undersea critter) is about the size of a quarter and attacks Portuguese men-of-war. Looks like an overeager Dallas Cowboys fan. Link.

San Fernando Valley guy triumphs over gridlock freeway traffic by kayaking to work 52 miles downstream on the L.A. River. Link. Andy Riley, who has been chronicling "bunny suicides" for years online, has a new book out. Link to preview. Read the rest

Laugh Out Loud Cats meet tasered Florida student

Link, by -- who else? -- Ape Lad.

While we're at it, Salon's Farhad Manjoo has an interview with one eyewitness who seems to believe that the tasered student, Andrew Meyer, may in fact have been a bit of a troll, egging cops on for an "overreaction that would make him a viral video star." Link (thanks Wagner James Au).

Others argue that even if was the case, the treatment he received was unfair. Have your say in the comments.

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Boing Boing week in review, Sep 10-16, 2007

Above: Laugh Out Loud Cats meet flowcharts. Below, the most-commented Boing Boing posts of the past 7 days. Bob Dylan warns of Cylon invasion (Cory)

New iPods reengineered to block synching with Linux (Cory)

Review of $35 Blackwing 602 pencil (Mark)

Magazine back issues on DVD (Mark)

Dr Who services planned for Welsh church (Cory)

Hidden bear in Toblerone logo (Mark)

Discovery paves way for gamma-ray annihilation lasers (Mark)

Capitol police attack, break leg of anti-war minister (video) (Mark)

French art from 1910 depicting the year 2000 (Pesco)

Magicians innovate without IP law (Pesco)

Blog about living in a van down by the river (Mark)

Artist will send 300 meter banana 50km above the earth (Mark)

Many scientists unhappy about Lucy tour (Pesco)

StopTheSpying: Tell the Dems to keep AT&T on the hook for NSA wiretapping


Water leak in overhead apartment creates beautiful bump in ceiling (Mark)

Fake sunroof for car (Mark)

1966 prediction of home computer in 1999 (Video link updated) (Mark) Read the rest

Mid-day short links snackbar

BB reader Meredith says, "This guy (my roomate, in fact) has made these awesome PCB (printed circuit board) skull bracelets."

BB Gadgets: Apple's $100 store credit thing is now live. Here's an article in Der Spiegel about German people who fetishize Native Americans. Lacrosse, Kansas, is the barbed wire capital of the world, and home of the Kansas Barbed Wire Collectors Association. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is currently closed for the season but their competition, the "Devil's Rope Museum" in Texas, is not -- in case you get a hankerin' for such hard-to-find titles as "The Fencin' Tool Bible". The Indian government has withdrawn a controversial report which questioned the existence of the Hindu god Ram. The report was filed to allow for the construction of a canal wich would destroy Lord Ram's bridge - a natural formation that some conservative Hindus believe was built by Ram and his army of monkeys. "What 'The Sopranos' taught me about technology." (plus, a quiz) Prince announces his intent to sue YouTube and other video and music websites for unauthorized use of his work, in an attempt to "reclaim his art on the Internet". Flowchart: all the historic influences that led to creation of the Laugh Out Loud Cats. Trent Reznor on his Australian label: "I've garnered a hardcore audience that you think it's OK to rip off? Fuck you!"

David Pogue's latest New York Times piece asks why customers purchasing some ringtones based on music tracks are being asked to pay three times as much for a 30-second, time-limited excerpt than they would for the entire work. Read the rest

A short stack of warm urls and cold milk before bed

Fine Art Taco Photography. Kitteh and Pip of the early-1900s century comix classic Laugh Out Loud Cats get in on all that bloggy flowchart action. I bet they'd like the Fine Art Tacos, too. Movie posters for Oscar shoo-in Mr. Woodcock are swipes from the earlier Matt Stone and Trey Parker ballsploitation classic, BASEketball. Ever-observant Sean Bonner called it first. Here is a Los Angeles Times article about Wired NextFest in which I come clean about my long-running love affair with a robot named Keepon. Come to think of it, he sort of looks like two balls smushed together, too. . John Schwartz has a great piece in the NYT on system breakdowns -- he starts out with the recent airline system clusterfck at LAX that stranded 17,000 passengers on planes for hours one day, after computers for the United States Customs and Border Protection agency went down and stayed down for nine hours. "Hackers? Nope. Though it was the kind of chaos that malevolent computer intruders always seem to be creating in the movies, the problem was traced to a malfunctioning network card on a desktop computer." WSJ article by Lee Gomes asks whether sonic technology limitations in iPods and MP3s are wrecking popular music. Why is it important to pay attention to crackpot inventors? Jer Falludi at Worldchanging offers insights on how to spot value in kooky creations. Also my tinfoil beanie thong and matching steampunk buttplug can cure cancer, pls send money order for blueprints and investment plan. Read the rest

Old abusive EULA

Check out this wacky "agreement" that came with these old Hoosier Patented Kitchen Cabinets. Abusive EULAs are a fixture of modern life, but the fake "agreement" that you make by buying stuff, walking into a store, or checking into a hotel has been around for a long, long time. It's like Laugh Out Loud Cats for license agreements!


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Huh, so - bacn "invented" at a BarCamp this weekend. ORLY?

Bacn invented this past weekend? This historic panel from the early 1900s Laugh Out Loud Cats comic indicates otherwise. Link. (thanks, Ape Lad) Read the rest

Laugh Out Loud cats: now in color comic strip form

Link to Adam Koford's Sunday Strip #1 of the Laugh Out Loud Cats: "How they Met." Above, detail. Poster here, you can has original art here.

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A veritable pu pu platter of short links

Image: drawing by a 13-year old child in orphanage run by RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan), Afghanistan. This gallery of drawings by other children in RAWA-run schools and shelters contains many incredible images: Link. Baby, don't fear the reapurr: Link. Allen Ginsberg's HOWL, reinterpreted for Lindsay Lohan: Video Link. New calculations on just how much human beings dominate planet earth: Link 1, Link 2. Roll your own Homer Simpson 3D donut trophy: Link. Scary cephalopods invade Monterey Bay: "With a parrot-like beak and arms covered with thousands of sharp barbs, it attacks and tries to eat nearly anything it sees, including fish, scuba divers, even its own kind." Link. This week, Flight of the Conchords did 1980 David Bowie in Space: Video Link to one excerpt on YT, HBO offers some clips here. One of my favorite episodes yet from this terrific show -- John Hodgman made a guest appearance! NASA is testing robots in the Canadian arctic: Link. Knit this for your infant, and they will resemble "Carl" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Link. Trippy photo spread in Vogue Italia dramatizes the lives of coke-snorting, serial-rehabbing, gash-flashing celebutards: Link. Contains yoga and nudity.

(Thanks, Andrew Tonkin, Susannah, jarod, David, K-Milo, Pim, The Guy on the Couch, Borja, Aaron, and the dozens of readers who suggested the cat death thing)

Reader comment: More on the grim reapurr item -- BWJones says,

This story indicates that cats may be better detectors of metabolomic status than we give them credit for.

Read the rest

July 4th holiday: falafelists and laugh out loud cats

Here are photos of funny signs in a Greek deli which is closed for the July 4th holiday. That date, as you see here, commemorates the Great Greek Battle of Tabouli. Shared by BoingBoing reader Paul of Minneapolis.

You know, when I think of tabouli, I think, "nom nom nom," and that's precisely the kind of talk you might see emanating in speech-clouds from the mouths of Laugh Out Loud Cats. They, too, would like you to has a happy Independence Day: Link, here is moar. (Thanks, Ape Lad!)

BB reader Austin says,

Here is a fabulous (and lengthy) nearly line-by-line dissection of the Declaration of Independence. This essay really highlights the elegance in this one document. The crappy part is I can't imagine any group of politicians today coming up with anything nearly as well thought out.

And finally, dear reader: please do not blow yourself up today. Leave explosives in the hands of pros. Here's a gruesome wire story about a lady in Michigan who blew her head off Monday night with a 3-inch mortar bomb. Read the rest

Creepy, interesting, and real -- a short link roundup.

As dalek cakes go, this banana-caramel one with moving platform is a doozy. Link. Like so many Rodent-American actors before him, "Dramatic Chipmunk" got his start in Japanese TV, trying to out-squeal the ladies. Video Link to clip from the program "Mini Moni," jump to about 2:43 to see his television origins. Gigantomongous grasshoppers, known locally as "lubbers," invade Florida city: Link. Some children are afraid to play outside, according to news reports, and who can blame them? The money quote:

"It's like trying to stop the wind," said David Shibles, a horticulturist with the Polk County extension office. "If you find them, you need to kill them."

Washington Post runs four-part series on why Dick Cheney is the evilest vice president ever: Link (via Threat Level). Ever wondered what an authentic LA lowrider car show looks like? Link to LA Weekly photo series shot yesterday. Includes Mexi-kitsch transformer cars, Aztec titties, velvet motors, and a golden tricycle. When I die, I intend to scoot around in heaven on one of these. Gold statue of David Beckham statue placed on altar at Buddhist temple in Bangkok: Link. Not the first time, actually -- happened back in 2000, also. Earlier stories of a Beckham idol at a shrine on Japan's Awajishima Island are said to be apocryphal, but he was immortalized in chocolate, in Tokyo, for World Cup 2002: Link. Rediscovered photo of Laugh Out Loud Cats' creator: Link. Read the rest

BoingBoing week in review: June 11-17, 2007

The sippy cup terrorist secret agent mom, and TSA's weird "Mythbusters" denial. Giant snake terrorizing Pennsylvania (Pesco) Scans of old comic book ads, a screensaver, ad for paper spaceship, photo of the genuine article. (Mark) Map shows how kids aren't allowed to roam around (Mark) Video: Doze Green one-liner drawing (Pesco) Taipei street-basket virtuoso throws 140 balls/minute (Mark) Laugh Out Loud Cats: rediscovered short film (Xeni) Pac Man Skull (Pesco) Jamais Cascio on his new hearing aids (Pesco) The Cosmoboy jacket (Pesco) SciFi.com is going to nuke its fiction archive (Cory) Cory's column on the origins of the copyright wars (Cory) Mr. Wizard (1917-2007) (Pesco) Cyber-walrus (Cory) Creationist Archie comic (Mark) EFF privacy attorney is a magnet for privacy invading street-searches (Cory) Ice cream patent wars in the 1930s (Mark) Sexual predators online - the real story (Cory) White Stripes album sold on thumb drive (Mark) Terrorists are stupid (Cory) Flickr users in Germany and Asia complain of image censoring (Xeni)

(Image: Respectful LOLdaptation of a truly amazing photo by Paul Nicklen, as blogged in this BB post). Read the rest

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