To do in NYC: Shepard Fairey + Lawrence Lessig + Steven Johnson on copyright, fair use, and AP shitstorm around Obama poster

On February 26 at the New York Public Library, there will be a group discussion with Lawrence Lessig, Shepard Fairey and former Boing Boing guest blogger Steven Johnson. The event is said to be Lessig's final planned public discussion of remix, copyright issues, and so on, before he departs Harvard this fall to head up the Safra Center for Ethics. — Read the rest

Steven Johnson's "The Invention of Air" — how an eclectic minister/scientist/politician shows that history is a web

Steven Johnson's latest book,
The Invention of Air, is a wide-ranging, learned, engrossing biography of the polymath pioneering scientist, Joseph Priestley. Priestley, a contemporary of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, was a kind of radical scientist/politician/theologian, an all-but-unimaginable combination in today's world of politicised science and deep fractures between faith and empiricism. — Read the rest

Guest bloggers: Gareth Branwyn and Charles Platt!

Our current guest blogger, Steven Johnson, is going to stick around for the next couple of days because he got a late start (and because we love his entries so much). In the meantime, we've got a special treat in store — Gareth Branwyn and Charles Platt are both going to guest blog for the next two weeks. — Read the rest