Activists' impromptu press conference at the EG8 conference

After Sarkozy's "EG8" conference last week — an event that brought together government leaders and Internet execs to legitimize an effort to censor and surveil the net — a group of civil society people and activists threw an impromptu press-conference to explain what Sarko and company missed by treating the net as simply an engine for big business. — Read the rest

Students for Free Culture Conference, NYC this Saturday!

Kevin sez, "The Students for Free Culture Conference 2011 is a gathering of student activists, intellectuals, artists, hackers, and generally interested people to discuss the latest issues in the free cultural world, with a focus on student involvement and participation.

The conference will take place in New York City from February 19-20. — Read the rest

Open Video Conference NYC: Oct 1-2

Nicholas sez,

The Open Video Conference in New York City is a two-day powwow for open web geeks, independent filmmakers, and everyone else.

This year's OVC takes place October 1-2 2010. With 60+ sessions on open source, HTML5, and participatory culture, the conference is bigger and better than before.

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Mitch Kapor takes over chair of One Web Day

David sez, "Mitch Kapor's [ed: Founder of Lotus, co-founder of EFF] become the chair of One Web Day, plus the organization got a major grant from the Ford Foundation. The group, which sponsors an annual 'Earth Day' for the Web every September 22, was founded by Susan Crawford, who now advises the Obama White House on tech policy." — Read the rest

Warcraft Identity of Obama's FCC Transition Team Co-Chair Revealed, Analyzed

Earlier on Boing Boing, Cory blogged that President-elect Barack Obama has appointed Net Neutrality advocates and "virtual worlds nuts" Kevin Werbach and Susan Crawford to co-chair his FCC transition team. Okay, so we might know the guy as Kevin Werbach out here in meatspace, but to his Terror Nova Guild buddies, he's better known as Supernovan Jenkins (the first name presumably a reference to Werbach's Supernova tech conference series), and he's a Level 70 Tauren Shaman. — Read the rest

Net Neutrality fighters to head Obama's FCC transition team

Obama's FCC transition team is to be headed up by two of the smartest, hardest-fighting Net Neutrality advocates I know: Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach. This bodes very very well indeed for American telcoms policy!

Ms. Crawford is a former partner of a Washington law firm that specializes in communications law and recently left the board of directors of ICANN, a group that oversees Internet domain-name registration.

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Fix the FCC or die

David sez, "Susan Crawford urges the US to stop pussyfooting around and do what needs to be done: Restructure the Internet carriers so they allow competition, and separate the carriers of bits from the suppliers of content and services. This is how you get Net Neutrality that works." — Read the rest

FCC thinks it has authority over PCs and everything that can play a show

Public Knowledge, EFF and others are suing the FCC, arguing that it doesn't have the authority to impose the Broadcast Flag rule. The Broadcast Flag says that anyone who makes a device to receive digital television signals has to get all its recording and output technologies approved by the FCC, and the FCC will withhold approval from all technologies save those that encrypt the shows and keep you from doing what you want with them. — Read the rest