Creativity, math, and 12-tone music

We've featured doodling, fast-talking YouTube mathematician Vi Hart a lot here, but her latest, a 30-minute extended mix, is absolutely remarkable, even by her high standards. For 30 glorious minutes, Ms Hart explores the nature of randomness and pattern, using Stravinsky's 12-tone music as a starting-point and rocketing through constellations, the nature of reality, Borges's library, and more. — Read the rest

Symmetry and sound

This fantastic video by Vi Hart shows you what the math of music looks like in a visual representation — or, should that be "what visual frieze patterns sound like when turned into music"?

Frieze patterns are symmetrical repeating patterns that show up in architecture, art, and even our model of DNA. — Read the rest

Snow geometry

"Linkage" is a technical/mechanical name for a relatively simple concept that's played a big role in daily life since the Industrial Revolution.

Imagine four rigid bars of different lengths, connected into a chain by three mobile joints. Add one more joint to the end, close the loop, and you have a linkage. — Read the rest

Learning math by ignoring your teacher and doodling

Vi Hart's "Mathematical Doodling" is a series of hilarious and informative narrated videos explaining doodle-games that you can play to explain mathematical concepts in a way that's much more intuitive than the traditional math-class methodologies. Above is binary trees, but be sure and click through to "Snakes + Graphs" — a wonderful, captivating potted graph theory explanation. — Read the rest