Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, hacker in AT&T iPad case, on Occupy Wall Street

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In the video above: Noted troll Andrew Escher Auernheimer, aka weev of Goatse Security, on his federal case and why Occupy Wall Street matters to him: "I've had a strong decade of infuriating rich people," he says, "I am the 99%."

Among other things, weev speaks about his friend Ari Douglas. He also shares why he believes federal prosecutors want to put him in jail for exposing sloppy data security at AT&T.

Reporting security vulnerabilities is in the public interest, weev and his supporters maintain. In going after him, their argument goes, US attorneys are attempting to set a precedent that will be legally hazardous for any security researchers who reveal information that could embarrass or harm the market value of large companies.

It's a wide-ranging rant. "We have no right to eat cheese anymore!," he intones. But this time, it would appear that weev is not in it solely for the lulz. Check it out.

Background on his case at CNET, Wired, Fast Company.

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IMF: We wuz hacked

The New York Times reports that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been hit with what is described as "a large and sophisticated cyberattack whose dimensions are still unknown." The breach happened before the IMF's managing director was accused of trying to rape a hotel worker.

The fund, which manages financial crises around the world and is the repository of highly confidential information about the fiscal condition of many nations, told its staff and its board of directors about the attack on Wednesday. But it did not make a public announcement.

Several senior officials with knowledge of the attack said it was both sophisticated and serious. "This was a very major breach," said one official, who said that it had occurred over the last several months, even before Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French politician who ran the fund, was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a chamber maid in a New York hotel.


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Hacker and internet troll Weev befriends DSK: "We're all like one big Breakfast Club in there"

Accused attempted rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn has met the welcome wagon, and it is Weev. The hacker and internet troll who lives in the downtown New York City building where DSK is placed under house arrest told the New York Post he's met the ex-IMF chief, and that they are pals of a sort.

"He's an OK guy," said Andrew Auernheimer, 26, (pictured) who claims that DSK lives on the fourth floor of the Empire Building at 71 Broadway, where "eight or nine other guys are all in the same situation."

"We're all like one big Breakfast Club in there," he said. "I saw the guy coming in . . . with guards. . . and roaming the hallway and I invited the guy in and introduced him to a few people. . ..

Auernheimer, aka Weev, is one of the guys who discovered a flaw at AT&T's website that compromised the privacy of thousands of iPad users.


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AT&T iPad hack discoverer arrested

Last week, hacker Andrew Auernheimer uncovered a flaw at AT&T's website which may have compromised the privacy of thousands of iPad users. This week, he was arrested on drugs charges. From CNET:

Andrew Auernheimer, 24, was being held in Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Ark., according to Lt. Anthony Foster of the Washington County Sheriff's office in that state. The drugs were found during the execution of the warrant, said Lt. Mike Perryman, of the Fayetteville Police Department. However, Perryman could not say what prompted the warrant. ...

What indeed? We're far short of knowing much about the circumstances of his arrest, but if AT&T sent the Feds on a fishing trip out of spite rather than because it had evidence of a crime, it would be perfectly in keeping with its reputation. Also, the fact that Auernheimer's supposedly a racist and an 'unsavory dude' shouldn't make it OK to arrest him on unrelated charges just because.

If the charges are accurate, though, we might have a learning moment at hand: If one has just publicly exposed the gross incompetence of a major corporation and humiliated its respected partners, perhaps it is time for one to flush the coke.

Fascinatingly, it appears Auernheimer is Weev, a source for a 2008 New York Times feature about how horrid internets are. In it, Weev was quoted saying that that posting flashing images to an epileptics' online forum was over the line: "It's hacking peoples unpatched brains. we have to draw a moral line somewhere." Read the rest

Dramatica drama down under

Encyclopedia Dramatica, a bizarro-world Wikipedia that aims to amuse and offend, has few peers in the internet outrage game. With almost nothing off-limits, the content runs from parody to ax-grinding, and anyone can join in. No surprise, then, that it's at the top of authoritarian governments' censorship hit lists: accused of being a laundering shop for libel, racism, homophobia and other shitcockery, its moderator explains the idea. Says owner Joseph Evers: "Here's to the hidden costs of freedom." [Ninemsn. Thanks, Weev] Read the rest

Woman denied custody of son for participating in SubGenius holiday

As a card-carrying minister of the Church of the SubGenius since 1984, I am outraged that a judge has taken a mother's child from her because she participated in a sacred SubGenius ritual event.

…On February 3, 2006, Judge Punch heard testimony in the case. Jeff entered into evidence 16 exhibits taken from the Internet, 12 of which are photographs of the SubGenius event, X-Day. Kohl has never attended X-Day and is not in any of the pictures. Rachel is depicted in many of these photos, often wearing skimpy costumes or completely nude, while participating in X-Day and Detroit Devival events.

The judge, allegedly a very strict Catholic, became outraged at the photos of the X-Day parody of Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ — especially the photo where Jesus [Steve Bevilacqua] is wearing clown makeup and carrying a crucifix with a pool-noodle dollar sign on it while being beaten by a crowd of SubGenii, including a topless woman with a “dildo”.

…Judge Punch lost his temper completely, and began to shout abuse at Rachel, calling her a “pervert,” “mentally ill,” “lying,” and a participant in “sex orgies.” The judge ordered that Rachel is to have absolutely no contact with her son, not even in writing, because he felt the pictures of X-Day performance art were evidence enough to suspect “severe mental illness”…

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