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The Art of Brandi Milne

A preview of the painter's June 14, 2014 gallery show.

Rescue Tape

Rescue tape is a brand name for silicone tape. I've been using it (and other brands) on and off for a decade now and if there's one thing I had to have and couldn't live without, it's this. I have a roll in my car, in my laptop bag, and virtually everywhere else. I've repaired dozens of pipe leaks with it and have even used it when I badly cut my arm clearing brush miles from a hospital. Read the rest

Using tape to make wireframe sculptures

Aaron Finnis's installations look like transparent glass or plastic, but are in fact wireframes made with tape. What's on the tape? Recordings of numbers stations. And Def Leppard. [Triangulation via Illusion 360] Read the rest

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